1. Cellphone radiation linked to heart tumors

    EXPOSED: Cellphone radiation risk to humans is real

    It seems like no matter where you go these days, everyone's got their faces bent downward -- staring straight down at the smartphones in their hands.

    These gadgets can sure be a delightful distraction, what with games, texts, photos, and the World Wide Web literally at your fingertips.

    But they may also be a DEADLY one.

    And I'm not just talking about the immediate risks that cellphones pose to your life if they steal your attention while you're crossing the street or sitting behind the wheel.

    I'm not even talking about the posture problems caused by all of that bending of your neck!

    It's something a whole lot scarier: Although the telecom industry SWEARS that the low levels of RF radiation emitted by cellphones are perfectly safe, a new study suggests that that radiation exposure can really add up over time... and may saddle you with cancer!

    The government-backed study exposed male and female rats to very high levels of the SAME kind of radiation emitted by cellphones. The animals were really bathing in the stuff, with their entire bodies exposed all at once.

    After 10 years, it turned out that male rats developed malignant tumors in the tissues around their hearts. And guess what -- the tumors that the rats developed were very similar to the types of tumors that HUMAN cellphone users had developed in previous studies!

    Back then, the mainstream tried to dismiss those findings as just a fluke. But the scary and sad news is that it looks like the danger is very real after all.

    So, if you find yourself fidgeting with the phone a little too much these days, it may be time to reduce your use. I've had a cellphone for well over 10 years -- the time it took for the rats to develop those heart tumors in this most recent study -- and I'm never the first one to start using some new-fangled technological gadget!

    Fortunately, you can minimize your exposure to RF radiation by making some easy replacements in your daily routine:

    • Instead of switching it to "vibrate" or "silent," turn off your phone when you're not using it. Even when it appears to be "sleeping," it's still emitting radiation!
    • Instead of carrying the phone in a pants pocket, shirt pocket, or bra, keep it away from your body in a bag (but not a purse you're holding close to yourself).
    • Instead of holding the phone up to your ear (which is dangerously close to your brain) when making calls, use either wired headphones or speakerphone mode.
    • Instead of sleeping with your phone in the bed, on the nightstand, or anywhere close to your head, put it away in a drawer, high up on a shelf, or even charge it in another room.

    Making the swap on just a couple of these habits can make a world of difference. And while you're at it, load up on antioxidants known for repairing the oxidative damage caused by these types of sources of everyday radiation.

  2. Radiation increases miscarriage risk

    Is your home a hotbed of radiation?

    The New Year's sales have begun -- which means that it's prime time to stock up on some shiny new electronics (if Santa didn't bring you the ones you wanted already).

    But according to a new study, whether you snatch up a high-tech flat-screen TV or a low-tech toaster, you should think twice before you fill up all those power strips -- because the radiation they emit may be hazardous to your health.

    And that's especially true for any woman who's "expecting."

    Now, I've told you before about the dangers of X-rays and CT scans, which zap you with what's called "ionizing" radiation.

    But everyday electric devices also generate radiation -- known as "non-ionizing" radiation, which comes from the magnetic fields produced by the flow of electricity through the sockets in your walls.

    In a study published in Scientific Reports, over 900 pregnant women wore small devices that monitored their exposure to non-ionizing radiation for 24 hours, AND they kept a diary of their activities during that period.

    By the end of the study, about 10 percent of the women with the lowest levels of radiation exposure had a miscarriage -- about the same rate you'd expect in pretty much any group of women.

    But among the women who had the highest levels of radiation exposure, the rate of miscarriage was almost 25 percent!

    That's nearly THREE TIMES higher than those with lower exposure.

    And that was AFTER the researchers controlled for other factors that contribute to miscarriage risk, such as alcohol use, caffeine intake, and nausea.

    Now, the study didn't determine how the radiation might have contributed to the miscarriages -- but previous studies have shown that unborn babies are even more vulnerable to the effects of radiation than we are.

    We also know from previous studies that even low levels of radiation can heat up your cells and cause tissue damage.

    And since we're more "plugged in" than ever -- with everything from our toothbrushes to our coffee grinders powered by electricity rather than elbow grease -- your home may be sizzling with radiation hotspots.

    Add in wireless devices and networks, which also emit non-ionizing radiation, and you could be practically glowing with the stuff!

    Look, I don't expect you to totally give up modern conveniences... but you can reduce your exposure by making some easy changes.

    Many electrical appliances still use electricity even when they're not turned on. So, if you're not using something, unplug it!

    Try to place your couch, desk, bed, and other furniture you spend a lot of time near away from plugs and power strips.

    And turn off the "wireless" mode on your phone or computer when you don't need it.

    That's just good sense for any of us -- but it's absolutely essential for any mom-to-be in your life.

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