Court hits Big Pharma with $9 billion haymaker

Listen, I've heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But I've spent most of my adult life trying to figure out which language these slimy drug company execs are speaking.

They always seem to be talking Martian -- and when they do, it gets my Mercury rising fast.

But it looks like a Louisiana jury has finally cracked the code. Because they're sending two of the largest, dirtiest drug companies on the block a loud message you'd understand in any language.

They're slapping 'em right in the wallet. A federal court has just fined Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly $9 BILLION for allegedly lying and withholding data proving that their diabetes drug Actos causes bladder cancer.

This wasn't some slap on the wrist, either -- it was a punch in the gut. This is more than THREE TIMES what the Libyan government paid to victims after it blew up Pan Am Flight 103. And it represents two full years of Eli Lilly's profits.

The only shame is that we couldn't make these heartless, drug-pushing hooligans pay more.

You see, the FDA warned in 2011 that Actos could boost your bladder cancer risk 40%, but "only" if you took it for longer than a year. Well, that covers just about everybody. Ever heard of a diabetes drug you only take for a year?

And you'll have to excuse Takeda and Eli Lilly if they weren't exactly floored by the news. According to a whistleblower who came forward during the trial, Takeda knowingly withheld information that linked Actos to cancer. These greedy pigs were hell-bent on getting FDA approval, even if it killed you.

Well, as my mother always said, only a fool gets tricked twice. If you're taking Cialis, Prozac, Prevacid, or any other product made by Eli Lilly and Takeda, talk to your doc about ditching them forever. Because what we know about these drugs is terrifying -- but what we don't know may be even worse.

Your backstage pass to Big Pharma's dirty dealings,