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  1. Shine a light on prostate cancer

    How sunlight prevents death from prostate cancer

    If you want to save your prostate and spare yourself a cancer death, forget all about PSA tests, drugs, surgeries, and everything else the mainstream has been throwing at this disease.

    Head to the beach instead.

    That's because the very sunlight you've been told to avoid can actually save you from any number of cancers, and the latest research puts prostate cancer high on that list.

    Harvard researchers tracked more than 2,500 men for nearly two decades and found that high D levels slashed the risk of dying of prostate cancer by more than half.

    In fact, nearly a third of the men who died of prostate cancer were among those with the lowest D levels of anyone in the study, while only 16 percent of the deaths were among men with high levels.

    Once you crunch the numbers that adds up to a 57 percent overall reduction in the risk of death -- and that's not the only big news out of the study.

    It turns out D didn't lower the overall risk of a tumor -- just the risk of dying from one. This means the sunshine vitamin ignores the harmless tumors you don't need to worry about, while stopping the deadly ones that could kill you.

    There's not an oncologist on the planet that's figured out how to do that!

    Vitamin D's no one-trick pony when it comes to cancer, either. It can also help fight or prevent lung, colon, breast, and endometrial cancer. And despite what you've heard, vitamin D can prevent the deadliest forms of skin cancer.

    That's one of the reasons the skin cancer rate has actually shot up since D-blocking sunscreens came on the market -- but only one. The other reason is that those icky gooey creams and lotions themselves actually contain dangerous cancer-causing chemicals.

    The synthetic form of vitamin A used in many until just recently was even found to SPEED the growth of tumors when exposed to sunlight.

    But whether they contain that A or not, skip 'em all. The only protection you really need from the sun is a shady tree or a beach umbrella -- and the sense to get under it before you get burned.

    I've got more on cancer up next. Keep reading!

  2. PSAs proven pointless

    Don't worry about rising PSA levels

    It's the most useless test in medicine, and your doctor knows it.

    He knows it... but he's almost certainly using it every single day -- and maybe he's used it to make life-changing decisions about YOUR health.

    It's the PSA test, proven time and again to be pointless, needless, and worthless -- and now, another study confirms that even a sudden rise in PSA means absolutely zippo.

    Researchers from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center looked at data on 5,519 men who participated in an earlier prostate cancer study -- all of whom were unlucky enough to win a biopsy at the end no matter what their PSA tests revealed.

    But their pain is your gain -- because now you have more ammo to use against your doc if he tries to poke his way into your prostate: The researchers say the men who had rising PSA levels didn't have a greater cancer risk.

    They were only ever-so-slightly more likely to even have prostate cancer -- but none of them had the rare and aggressive tumors that can cause real problems, according to the study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

    You want to know what's really insane about this? Rising PSA levels -- which I've been telling you for years mean nothing at all -- are even more likely to trigger a biopsy than a high PSA level.

    Docs know what I've been telling you. They read the same studies. They just don't care -- because it's far more profitable to hack into prostates, even if the biopsy alone can do more damage than the tumor ever will.

    Poking these things can turn a harmless tumor into a cancer machine -- and actually SPREAD the disease the doc claims he's only trying to detect.

    And the treatments that often follow those biopsies -- up to and including castration -- can ruin whatever's left of your life afterwards, leaving you dribbling into diapers and unable to perform in the bedroom.

    Bottom line here -- don't worry about "high" PSA levels or "rising" PSA levels.

    Worry about finding a doc who doesn't use PSA tests at all.

  3. Terminal patients given cancer screenings

    A new study finds that dying men and women with just weeks to live are being conned into screenings for cancers that take decades to grow.
  4. Cancer screening myth unravels

    Another new study confirms -- AGAIN! -- that while prostate screenings may succeed in getting you under the knife, they won't do a thing to save your life.
  5. Prostate cancer: the big scam

    A new study concluded that PSA tests have led to mass over-diagnosis and mass over-treatment.

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