Dangerous heartburn meds headed to court

It's been 75 years since Mr. Smith went to Washington -- but it looks like Jimmy Stewart never finished the job.

Because there are a group of government stooges who need the wake-up call of a lifetime... who need a reminder that they answer to YOU and not the billion-dollar drug companies shoving millions into their coffers.

And they all work for my favorite federal punching bag -- the FDA.

It's been two and a half years since brave Americans like you stood up and filed a petition INSISTING the FDA put its most stringent "black box" warning on dangerous proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Nexium and Prilosec.

And our government is acting like it lost your signatures in the mail.

Consumer protection group Public Citizen is now hauling the FDA to court and demanding that they respond to the petition and admit what I've been telling you for years -- PPIs are more likely to break your heart than cure your heartburn.

PPIs have been linked to everything from C. diff infections to osteoporosis -- in fact, one study found they'll send your hip fracture risk skyrocketing by 31%!

But don't expect to find ANY of that information clearly identified on your typical PPI warning labels, which are so short they could practically win a haiku competition! And when Public Citizen brought the science to the FDA, demanding accurate labeling on PPI products, all they got was the Simon & Garfunkel routine -- you know, the sound of silence.

The FDA's "I know nothing" Sergeant Schultz routine isn't just garden variety negligence -- it's against the law. That's because the FDA is required to answer petitions about the deadly drugs it approves -- even if, God forbid, it doesn't want to.

Now, with a judge's gavel aimed straight at their foreheads, the weak-kneed feds are arguing that adding a black box warning to PPIs is a "complex" issue.

Complex for who?

Having more knowledge about PPI risks won't harm you or the docs who foolishly prescribe these poison pills. But it may hurt billion-dollar drug conglomerates like AstraZeneca that are buying up so much TV ad time they're practically forcing McDonald's off the air!

Well, justice may be blind -- but she's not poor. And you can bet Big Pharma will deploy its army of high-priced attorneys to make sure all you see on a Nexium box are smiling babies and kittens.

But you don't need some skull-and-crossbones warning label to tell you what you should already know. PPIs are useless, dangerous, and more likely to make your digestive issues worse over the long haul.

And watching our government fumble its way through a lousy explanation on why it can't give you the facts... why you don't need information that could save your life... is bound to give you the one thing PPIs are supposed to prevent.