1. Why weight loss won't always help diabetics

    When losing a little weight just isn't enough

    After years of telling diabetics to lose weight by any means necessary, there's a new message emerging from the mainstream -- and it's forget the diet. Go hog wild and pig out instead, because it doesn't matter what you weigh.

    Diet? You don't need no stinkin' diet! All you really need are your meds.

    Sounds crazy, but just check out the new study that finds overweight and obese diabetics who lose weight supposedly have the exact same risk of heart attack, stroke, and even death from heart problems as diabetics who stay fat.

    The experts say this study isn't about the failure of weight loss. No, since nearly everyone in the study was on meds, it means it's about the success of drugs.

    Dr. John Buse, former chief of the American Diabetes Association, actually told the New York Times that the study proves statins, BP meds, and other treatments are so powerful that they're even more effective than weight loss.

    All I can say is no wonder the ADA is all kinds of screwed up -- because he made that bold declaration knowing full well that the diabetics who lost weight in this study lost almost nothing at all.

    They shed just 5 percent of their body weight on average. That means a 300-pound diabetic ended up at 285 pounds -- while a 250-pound diabetic dropped to 237.5 pounds.

    You can't even SEE that difference -- and your body can't feel it, either. So of course, a 285-pound diabetic is going to the same overall health risks as a 300-pounder -- and no drug in the world will change it.

    And that means the real message here isn't to pig out and take your meds. It's to get serious about weight loss and bring yourself down to a normal size -- and for most people, it's going to take a heckuva lot more than 5 percent to get there.

    I know that sounds hard. But trust me, it's as easy pie -- minus the actual pie. I recommend a diet rich in delicious natural animal fats and proteins and low in carbohydrates (and with almost zero sugar -- like I said, no pie).

    You'll lose weight, reduce or eliminate meds AND live longer.

  2. How animal fats and nutrients keep your brain functioning

    How meats power your brain

    If your brain could put together a menu of what it needs most, it would be a vegan's nightmare -- because sprouts, seeds, and soy simply don't power your thinker effectively.

    Instead, if you want to get the noggin firing on all levels you'll need to power it with animal fats, proteins, and the B vitamins you'll only get from meat -- and a new study proves it yet again as researchers link low levels of meaty Bs to both mood and memory problems.

    The look at data on more than 2,000 people found that those with the lowest concentrations of vitamin B12 had higher scores on a scale used to rate depression and lower scores on cognitive tests.

    Those who had low B6 levels also had lower cognitive scores, although it didn't seem to have an impact on depression (that's why B12 is that main nutrient I recommend for mood disorders, although time alone will often do the trick as well).

    B12 is known to slash levels of homocysteine, an inflammation marker linked to any number of diseases, especially cognitive impairment and dementia. And it's so well established that B vitamins in general support the brain that many mainstream neurologists now even recommend them.

    Those aren't the only B vitamins you need, and that's not even close to all they can do for your brain.

    Emerging research shows that a very specific blend of B vitamins -- a blend you can make on your own from inexpensive store-bought supplements -- can actually protect the brain from the visible signs of dementia and prevent, slow or even reverse the outward signs of cognitive decline.

    It could turn out to be the cheapest cure yet... and you can read all about it in the September issue of my Douglass Report newsletter, which will be mailed out to subscribers any day now.

    And if you haven't signed up yet, I've got the cure right here.

  3. The raw cure for asthma & allergies

    There's a 100 percent natural way to beat allergies and asthma before they even start -- but of course, it's practically a crime to give it to your kids.
  4. Green tea battles Alzheimer's

    Another study on green tea has found that it could be a weapon in the battle against Alzheimer's disease.
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