I'm sick and tired of the mainstream treating seniors like children.

The latest example: A patronizing new report that claims you shouldn't have more than a sip or two of booze per night once you reach a certain age.


Researchers from Britain's Royal College of Psychiatrists are urging their government to tell seniors they shouldn't have more than 1.5 units of alcohol a day. That's only half a bottle of beer!

What are you supposed to do with the other half? Dump it, I suppose. But I say keep the beer... and dump this daffy report instead!

The logic here, if you can call it that, is astonishing: The researchers claim that some seniors might turn into heavy boozers, while others might use or abuse meds that don't mix well with alcohol.

So because some unknown (and no doubt relatively small) number of seniors might abuse drugs and alcohol, ALL seniors should be limited to sippy cups for the rest of their lives.

The only thing more nonsensical than this report is the idea that shrinks should be issuing drinking guidelines.

Who asked them anyway?

The Royal College of Quacks also moaned that some seniors might turn to booze after a spouse dies -- but that's not a problem in my book. As long as they keep it moderate, they're not hurting anyone.

And they're certainly not hurting themselves.

In addition to the proven health benefits of moderate drinking -- from protecting the heart to slashing dementia risk -- heading out to the local pub and hoisting a couple with friends is a great way for a senior who has no one at home to get out, stay active, and socialize.

That could SAVE his life, not end it -- and anyone who wants to take that away is the one with the real drinking problem.