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  1. Sleep disorders boost deadly prostate risk

    Insomnia can cause deadliest tumors in men

    Tossing and turning? Well, gents, you'd better find something that can knock you out for the night and find it fast -- because all that missed sleep isn't just giving you the morning crankies.

    It could be giving you prostate cancer, with one new study finding that severe sleep problems could DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your risk of the disease.

    Now, you know me. Last thing I'm going to do is give into the prostate panic and make you worry for no reason about a disease that's usually 100 percent harmless.

    In most cases, you're better off not even knowing you have a prostate tumor.

    But if you're battling severe insomnia, all bets are off -- because the study of 2,102 Icelandic men finds that double-to-triple the risk isn't for the namby-pamby run-of-the-mill tumors you don't need to worry about.

    It's for the most severe cases -- the advanced tumors that really can kill you.

    If there's a silver lining, it's that milder sleep disorders don't seem to affect the risk of prostate cancer much -- only severe and very severe cases, according to the study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.

    On the other hand, sleep disorders of any kind can increase the risk of any number of cancers, not just of the prostate. Poor sleep interferes with the production of melatonin, the so-called "sleep hormone" that's also critical to the immune system. This hormone is so critical to your body's natural defenses that low levels have been repeatedly linked to cancer risk (especially cancers of the breast and prostate).

    But if you're battling insomnia yourself, some distant potential cancer risk is small potatoes compared to what you're facing every day.

    You're miserable and barely functional -- and that's no way to live.

    If that's your nightly battle, don't reach for a dangerous sleeping pill. Reach for the Douglass Report instead, and not just because it's the best bedtime reading around.

    The June 2012 issue was packed with natural and effective solutions for sleep problems. If you're a subscriber, use the password in this month's issue to gain access to all my back issues online.

    Not a subscriber? No problem-o -- I've got the cure for that right here.

  2. Selenium can fight aggressive prostate tumors

    Slash your risk of prostate cancer with this mineral

    OK, you're smart enough to know the score on prostate cancer by now.

    The key to beating this disease isn't in PSA tests. It's not in spotting or detecting every little tumor that comes your way, because most of them are 100 percent harmless.

    And it's certainly not in the drugs and surgeries that can leave you with a leaky, limp and dysfunctional penis for the rest of your life.

    No, the REAL key to prostate protection is in avoiding the rare and aggressive cancers that really can kill you -- and there's one simple and delicious step you can take right now to slash your risk of those tumors: Eat a handful of Brazil nuts.

    Brazil nuts are the absolute best source of the cancer-fighting trace mineral selenium, and one new study confirms it can slash your risk of Stage III and Stage IV prostate cancers by 63 percent.

    I can think of only two problems with selenium. The first is getting it, since -- besides those Brazil nuts -- the sources of selenium are wildly inconsistent and vary based on the mineral content in the soil where your food is grown.

    A good source of selenium in one region can be a lousy source in another.

    The second is getting the RIGHT amount, because this is a case where you can get too much of a good thing -- and Brazil nuts have such high levels of selenium that eating too much of them too often can actually be bad for you.

    Stick to a handful of nuts two or three times a week. Or better yet, get your selenium from your multivitamin.

    Look for one that contains roughly 200 mcg. That's almost triple the "official" recommended intake, but it's roughly in line with what you need for cancer protection, and not just from prostate cancer. Selenium can also slash your risk of cancers of the lung, colon, rectum, and pancreas.

    It's also pretty good at heart protection -- especially when taken with coenzyme Q10. For more on the hows and whys of that one, be sure to read this free report from my archives.

  3. Robosurgeries: Expensive, not better

    Robot surgeries are on the rise -- but while they cost thousands more per procedure, a new study shows they don't lead to better outcomes.
  4. Prostate treatments pack lifelong side effects

    Men who get surgery or radiation for prostate cancer can face a lifetime of side effects -- with one new study showing that almost all of them battle sex problems.
  5. Prostate treatments shrink the penis

    It's not your imagination. If you've had mainstream prostate treatments, you really did shrink "down there."
  6. High-tech prostate cancer treatment is an expensive fraud

    An expensive new form of radiation treatment for prostate cancer comes with the same risks as the cheaper, older treatments.
  7. Money motive behind many cancer treatments

    Cancer doctors make more money when they do more treatments -- which is why even cancers that should be left alone are often treated anyway.
  8. Soda linked to deadly cancers

    Men who drink soda have a higher risk of prostate cancer -- and not just any tumors. They're more likely to get aggressive and even deadly cancers.
  9. Prostate treatments rob men of manliness

    What would you rather have: A working penis, or more affection? A shrink claims to have the answer -- and of course, it's dead wrong.
  10. Coffee can beat cancer

    Coffee's protective powers against cancer are proven again in a study that finds it can slash the risk of colorectal tumors.

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