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  1. Many lung tumors can be ignored

    Not all lung tumors will hurt you

    I don't care what you've been told elsewhere, cancer is NOT a death sentence, and treatment is NOT your only option.

    Fact is, many tumors are completely harmless. It's true of most prostate tumors and many breast tumors, as even the mainstream now admits, and it's even true of the so-called "deadliest" cancer.

    That's lung cancer, and new research confirms that at least a fifth of all cases are completely harmless. Not benign tumors, but true cancers that -- like many breast and prostate tumors -- grow so slowly they would never pose a threat.

    That means they don't need to be treated, either. But of course, they usually are -- and often with devastating results, because cancer treatments such as chemo, surgery and radiation can be worse than the disease.

    If you ask me, I believe many of the so-called cancer deaths -- including many of the 150,000 lung cancer deaths each year -- are caused by those treatments, and NOT the cancer itself.

    I'm not saying lung cancers never need treatment, mind you. But you'd be surprised at how often it doesn't -- and how many options you really have when it does.

    In some cases, the best approach may be to do nothing at all. In others, completely natural therapies can help ensure a harmless tumor remains harmless or even cure (yes, CURE) an aggressive one.

    That's why the first appointment you need to make after any cancer diagnosis isn't to the surgeon. It's to a naturopathic physician experienced in dealing with cancer cases.

    I recommend working with a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

  2. How to save $12 billion without even trying

    The pricey toll of the PSA

    If you think Obamacare will rein in the high cost of healthcare, you're going to be in for quite a shock -- because if we know anything about socialism, it's that it's the quickest way to bankrupt a nation.

    Go ask the Soviets... if you can find any.

    But there IS a quick and easy way to slash the cost of medicine while saving money and lives at the same time -- and you don't need socialism to do it.

    All you need is the common sense to ditch unnecessary and expensive medical tests, screenings and other procedures, and you can start right now with the great granddaddy of stupid medicine: The PSA test.

    Every year, Medicare shells out $450 million on PSA tests and follow-up tests, with more than a third of that money wasted on men over the age of 75, according to new numbers.

    That's nearly half a billion bucks flushed down the toilet, because the PSA test is so worthless at any age that even mainstream medical groups are urging men to skip it.

    And giving it to a man at the age of 75 or older?

    That's just plain malpractice!

    Prostate tumors grow so slowly that they won't hurt most men at any age, let alone a man past the age of 75. And at that age, even an aggressive tumor would be left alone because treatment (and by that, I mean the mainstream torture of drugs/radiation/surgery/chemo) would kill the man more quickly than the cancer.

    So pass on the test, collect half a billion -- and that's just Medicare's share of the tab. As a nation, we burn nearly $12 billion a year on PSA tests and prostate cancer "care."

    And that's just money.

    There's also the human cost of all those unnecessary treatments: men living with lasting and even permanent side effects like a limp and leaking penis... all to "treat" a cancer that never would have hurt them in the first place.

    Men, I know years of PSA propaganda has made it hard to tell right from wrong on this one. But the science doesn't lie -- and I've got the science that'll give you the confidence you need to pass on the PSA right here, in this free report from my Daily Dose archives.

  3. Conflict of interest in radiation treatments

    Some docs push an expensive form of radiation on men with prostate cancer not because it's safe or effective. It's neither. It's because they make big money off it.
  4. Coffee slashes prostate risk

    Coffee can slow the progression of prostate cancer and cut the risk of a recurrence, according to new research.
  5. You likely don't need prostate surgery!

    Most low-grade prostate tumors never grow enough to turn deadly, according to new research.
  6. Prostate tumors are often harmless

    What you don't know can't always hurt you -- and that's especially true when it comes to prostate cancer.
  7. Omega-3s won't boost your cancer risk

    A new study claims fish oil supplements can increase the risk of cancer -- but the study didn't look at fish oil supplements at all. Get the truth about omega-3s right here.
  8. Soy won't help prostate patients

    Soy won't help men recovering from prostate cancer, according to a major new study -- and that's not all. It can also feminize men, cause cancer in women and damage children.
  9. High-tech prostate scams

    Most men don't need prostate surgery -- but too many are being tricked into expensive high-tech procedures anyway.
  10. Don't be too 'active' in prostate health

    When it comes to prostate health, less 'active' is better -- because 'active surveillance' is more likely to lead to a surgery you don't need.

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