One minute, you're a sad senior popping an antidepressant to get over whatever it is that went wrong.

The next, you're DEAD.

You died of a broken heart, but I'm not referring to the depression -- because the pills themselves can actually rewire your heart and shut you down permanently.

While the depression is technically cured I'd say the cost is a little too high.

It's not every drug that can do this, just one in particular, at least according to the latest FDA warning. The feds say high doses of citalopram -- aka Celexa -- in people over the age of 60 can change the electrical activity of the heart, resulting in a potentially fatal abnormal heart rhythm.

Along with seniors, the feds say people with low levels of potassium or magnesium are also at risk (so, pretty much everyone these days).

The FDA says people who have these low levels should take a supplement before they start on this drug -- which is hilarious when you consider the usual contempt they hold for supplements.

How about this: Use the supplements... but skip the meds, because you don't need this or any other antidepressant.

Those drugs might not kill you, but they come with a long list of side effects -- including sexual dysfunction, sleeping disorders, and even a higher risk of suicide.

And as I've told you plenty of times, antidepressants simply don't work.

Besides, who says you need to take a drug when you get the blues anyway? It happens. Give it some time and you'll get over it -- and if that's not enough, try a natural mood-booster such as St. John's wort, B vitamins, or The Douglass Report.