1. Feds may pull anti-smoking Chantix after suicide link

    Smoking won't kill you -- but Chantix might

    I must be the biggest sucker in the world. I sweat my way through four years of medical school and 14-hour shifts as an intern -- all so I could hang that M.D. degree on my wall.

    Meanwhile, this country is being overrun by MILLIONS of medical experts who never stepped foot inside a classroom. And if you don't believe me, try this little experiment.

    Head outside, and light up.

    Because the second you take that first puff you can bet one of these self-proclaimed experts will crawl out of the woodwork and offer you the same old, unsolicited advice.

    He'll tell you you're killing yourself.

    Well, if Doctor Know-it-All thinks smoking is dangerous, he ought to take a good, hard look at the alternative.

    Because it turns out the miracle pill Big Pharma is foisting on millions of smokers like you may be more frightening and deadly than anything that ever rolled off the Marlboro production line.

    And it's not just me saying it -- even the anti-tobacco Nazis at the FDA are getting on board.

    The FDA has just announced plans to review Pfizer's anti-smoking drug Chantix to see whether the risks of the drugs outweigh the benefits.

    No, friend, that's not a typo. The same government that has waged a decades-long war on tobacco, and that wants to wipe every last cigarette and cigar off the face of America, thinks you may be better off smoking than taking Chantix.

    And they're right. Since the first prescription for Chantix was filled eight years ago, it's been making some folks nuttier than a squirrel turd. Dozens of men and women have killed themselves on Chantix, and hundreds more have been stopped just in time.

    And some of the poor saps who aren't hanging themselves in their closets have been struggling with depression, hostility, and violent behavior. One California man is claiming Chantix led him to kill his wife -- and the judge is allowing the defense!

    Pfizer says it's willing to play ball on a new label that would "better reflect" Chantix's risks. How gracious of them. I imagine it might have pictures of a noose and a revolver with warning lines drawn through them.

    Friend, the rooster is crowing and the alarm bells are sounding -- this is your wake-up call. When our tobacco-hating government considers pulling an anti-smoking product off the market, the house isn't just on fire -- it's already in ashes.

    So the next time one of those anti-smoking health nuts hassles you about your cigarette, do yourself a favor. Hand him some Chantix, but tell him he better avoid the roof.

  2. Popular pain reliever boosts atrial fibrillation risk 84%

    AHA attack dogs don't have your best interest at heart

    When I was fighting in World War II, we had ourselves a little deal with the Nazis. They wore their silly knee-high girl boots and parachute pants, and we GIs wore our tough-as-nails green fatigues.

    Because when you're in the heat of battle, when bullets are flying everywhere, you need to be able to tell which side a guy is fighting for.

    Just remember that the next time you hear the goose-stepping frauds at the American Heart Association crowing about how they're fighting some war against heart disease, our country's number-one killer. Because underneath those inspirational T-shirts they toss around at walk-a-thons, the AHA is wearing a uniform that ought to make you madder than a cornered cobra.

    They're playing for Team Big Pharma.

    Just look at how the AHA reacted to a breakthrough study out of the Netherlands that proved a billion-dollar class of prescription painkillers could be a nail in the coffin for seniors like you.

    This massive study followed 8,400 seniors for an average of 13 years and found that folks who took non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) were a whopping 76% more likely to suffer atrial fibrillation, a potentially fatal irregular heartbeat. Worse still, if you took an NSAID -- even prescription-strength ibuprofen -- in the past month, your risk of afib may have skyrocketed 84%!

    So how did these clowns at AHA respond? Did they spend even a fraction of their fortune to warn folks like you to head to your nearest toilet and flush your NSAIDs like a dead goldfish?

    Not exactly. Instead, they dispatched their "spokesman" Dr. Gregg Fonarow of UCLA to throw cold water on the research and declare that more "study" was needed. Friend, when a class of drugs that has ALREADY been linked to heart failure and sudden death boosts your afib risk 84%, we don't need more study -- we need a massive global recall!

    And that's when I started poking around to see which side Dr. Fonarow is REALLY fighting for. Turns out this is the same doctor who accepted $141,000 in "speaking" fees from GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, makers of NSAIDs Treximet and Celebrex. Talk about a "potential" conflict of interest. Lots of you could work tax-free for five years without pulling in as much cash as Dr. Fonarow has accepted from Big Pharma -- and this was the attack dog the AHA chose to unleash to discredit a study that could save your life!

    Friend, I told you I was going to start naming names, and I'm not kidding. AHA and its experts have been accepting millions in drug company "grants" and "donations" for years, and it's high time you learned which team they're playing for.

    Here's a hint -- it's not yours.

  3. Big Pharma "speaking fees" creating medical millionaires

    Find out if your doctor is accepting cash from major drug companies.
  4. Drug manufacturers under the microscope for possible Alzheimer's fraud

    In a bombshell announcement that has Big Pharma shaking in its boots, Japan has announced it is investigating Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, and several other billion-dollar drug companies for their role in falsifying data in a major Alzheimer's study.
  5. Aisle 6 for Lipitor

    Pfizer is about to lose its patent on Lipitor... and the company couldn't be happier...They think they can convince the FDA to approve this cholesterol med for over-the-counter sales direct to consumers.
  6. Lipitor stinks!

    Pfizer is recalling nearly 200,000 bottles of its cholesterol med Lipitor, but not because of its terrible muscle-robbing side effects... but because of an "uncharacteristic" odor.
  7. Feds say drug company kept side effects secret

    Pfizer is the world's biggest and richest pharmaceutical company -- and it also makes more baloney than Oscar Meyer and Boar's Head combined.
  8. Pfizer beats the rap with phony company

    Pfizer should be out in the cold right now, staring in the window as all its Big Pharma pals hungrily chow down on Medicare and Medicaid cash.
  9. Pfizer accused in wave of research trickery

    Fresh off a historic $2.7 billion in fines and penalties tied to illegal drug marketing, Pfizer is showing no signs of slowing down.
  10. Pfizer pays the price – but it's not high enough

    What's the most dishonest company in America? Tough call – but I've got 2.3 billion reasons to put Pfizer at the top of the list.

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