1. Common household chemicals causing infertility

    Could TOOTHPASTE be the cure for baby fever?

    I've fought infectious diseases all around the world, but I've never seen anything spread faster than baby fever.

    Because it seems to travel from a woman's ovaries to her brain in an instant. How many gals are figuring out their ovulation cycles to the split second, let alone the day? I've even heard of young ladies standing on their heads after sex to get knocked up!

    Desperate women will try just about anything to get a bun cooking in their oven. And if you fellas are having trouble doing your part, it's not time to switch up your love-making routine or try some New Age chant.

    But it may be time to change your toothpaste.

    Because a new European study has found that your home is LITTERED with chemicals that turn your sperm from a fast-swimming Mark Spitz to a lazy fat kid floating along in an inner tube.

    Scientists from Germany and Denmark just studied how 96 "endocrine disrupter" chemicals in toothpaste, makeup and sunscreen affect a man's fertility. And these chemicals I've been telling you about for years -- like phthalates, mercury, and PFCs -- are killing sperm faster than anything you'll find in the "family planning" department at CVS.

    In fact, about a third of the chemicals tested damaged your sperm's ability to swim. Forget fertilizing an egg -- your sperm are moving like a jammed-up freeway during rush hour.

  2. Common chemical causes osteoarthritis

    No-stick cookware chemical can wreck joints

    If you're battling osteoarthritis, don't blame bad genes, bad joints, or bad luck.

    Blame your cookware!

    One of the chemicals found in no-stick pots and pans can double your risk of osteoarthritis -- but only in women, according to a new study. And that risk is highest in younger women -- women under 50 -- rather than older women, according to the study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

    The reason? Sorry, ladies -- but it's plain old laziness.

    Younger women (younger everyone... but we're talking about women today) are raised on convenience. And what's more convenient than a no-stick pan? They're easier to cook with and easier to clean.

    But they're also one of the most common sources of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

    Older women, on the other hand, don't give a hoot that no-stick pans are easier to clean -- they just know nothing tastes as good as food cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet (they're also excellent for disciplining wayward husbands and handy to have around in case of intruders, but I digress).

    Now, save your angry emails. I'm not being sexist here -- the study found the risk in women, not men, so take it up with the authors.

    But men aren't off the hook. In men, women and children alike, PFOA exposure has been linked to cancer, sexual dysfunction, liver damage, developmental problems, and more.

    If you want protect your family, then along with getting rid of no-stick pans, ditch all the common sources of PFOA -- including just about anything that's no-stick, wrinklefree, stainresistant, and waterproof.

    Will life be a little harder without it? Given all that's on the line, I'd say life will be harder if you keep all those things around.

  3. Common household chemical linked to cancer

    A common chemical used to make everything from no-stick cookware to the linings of microwave popcorn bags can boost the risk of kidney cancer by 170 percent.
  4. Household items linked to early menopause

    Today, more women than ever are suffering from early menopause -- and a new study finds common household chemicals may be the reason.

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