1. DDT ban costing billions of lives and tax dollars

    Nature nutjobs fleecing you for $800 million with DDT ban

    Well I've always heard that you can lead a horse to water -- but, trust me, you can't lead a horse's rear end anywhere.

    And when I look at the environmental extremists that are ruining America today, I see more equine backsides than the last place jockey in the Kentucky Derby.

    I'll tell you, these greenies won't be happy until they've confiscated your hunting rifle, slapped the steak off your fork, and sent every last logging, drilling, and manufacturing job overseas. But these dirt worshippers have just pulled off a trick that would have left Houdini speechless.

    They found a way to bankrupt and kill us at the EXACT SAME TIME!

    According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, America is spending a whopping $56 million a year treating cases of West Nile Virus, a disease that didn't even exist in America before these granola-crunchers bullied our government into banning DDT. From 1999-2012 alone, America spent nearly $800 million of your money fighting West Nile.

    That's right. We have roads and bridges falling apart and we're paying our soldiers so poorly that their families are on food stamps, but we're shelling out hundreds of millions in American resources fighting a disease we could wipe out TOMORROW with DDT, the most safe and effective insecticide ever invented.

    DDT was used harmlessly and effectively all across the world for decades before the nature nuts started rallying against it in the early 1970s. I guess when the hippies ran out of returning Vietnam veterans to spit on, they needed something (other than jobs) to occupy their time.

    So they cooked up some nonsense about how DDT could harm birds and other wildlife, and they never looked back. And in damn near 40 years, they've never stopped for a moment to think about how the DDT bans they're pushing all around the world are causing EXPLOSIONS of deadly malaria, West Nile and other tropical diseases.

    We can't even keep these killer viruses out of America any more, so you can imagine how they're laying waste to Africa, South America and the Pacific.

    But the birds... oh, those precious birds... are doing great. In fact, you'll find them feeding on the corpses of malaria victims from Brazil to Botswana.

    No intelligent person still thinks DDT is dangerous, but they aren't exactly handing out IQ tests at Greenpeace meetings. It's time to take our country back from these nature nuts and demand America end its ban on DDT.

    Because these environmentalists can save the whales all they want. But we need to say no to them costing us another dollar... and, most importantly, another life.

  2. The war on DDT is killing millions with bad science

    Hippies killing the poor to "Save the Earth"

    There's a group of brutal, bullying thugs who've murdered millions of men, women and children in Africa over the years -- and I'm guessing you haven't heard a word about it.

    No, I'm not talking about some Third World dictator's henchmen, or a militia of child soldiers toting AK-47s in the back of a beat-up pickup truck.

    I'm talking about those tree-hugging, granola-chewing hippies who live on your street, driving around in their gas-free compact cars raving about how they're saving the planet. This kumbaya crowd thinks they're giving Mother Earth a hand -- but they're really giving poor, dying saps around the world the back of their hand.

    And it's all because they're worried that a powerful, proven pesticide could harm a couple of birds.

    The Far Left's 40-year war on DDT reached a new level of crazy last month when a Rutgers professor tried to link DDT to Alzheimer's based on blood drawn from a handful of seniors. It's the kind of study that would pull a C in a junior college biology course, but the liberal greenies swarmed to it like flies to a dung heap.

    And, let me tell you, it must be nice to sit in some university ivory tower banging out papers between faculty parties, oblivious to the bodies piling up since the worldwide ban on DDT a decade ago. Try hopping a bush plane to Kenya and telling some half-dead, malaria-stricken 12-year-old that it's a good thing he didn't kill those disease-carrying mosquitos with DDT, because it could have hurt his brain in 50 years.

    The fact is, DDT is the safest and most effective pesticide that the gods of science ever bestowed on this earth. It's so harmless that the famous Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor actually drank it on camera!

    And if you think the war on DDT is about your health or the health of your kids, think again. Radical environmentalists drove our government to ban it in the 1970s because they were afraid it could injure birds! Imagine some stoned hippie looking out his van window and not being able to see a majestic blue jay.

    Oh, the tragedy!

    When these nature Nazis started forcing DDT bans around the world, the malaria rate skyrocketed 90% in some countries overnight! Even today, countries that can't use DDT are seeing malaria, flesh rotting diseases, and new killer viruses burning through entire villages like a brushfire!

    And DDT could help put those flames out for good, if only those environmentalists would stick their green thumbs in their air and hitchhike their way out of this debate. So the next time that guy from down the street drives by in his Prius with the "Save the Planet" bumper sticker, skip the neighborly wave and give him what he deserves instead -- the one finger salute.

  3. Antibacterial soap can mess with your brain

    A key ingredient in antibacterial soaps can disrupt signals from the brain to muscle, including the muscles in the heart.
  4. Fight bites right

    The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito -- but thanks to the federal ban on the pesticide DDT, they're practically a protected species.
  5. War on malaria takes a turn for the worse

    The global "effort" to stop malaria has been nothing short of pathetic -- and if you think it's bad now, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  6. The empty promise of a malaria vaccine

    We have the power to eradicate malaria starting tomorrow -- saving millions of lives around the world. But instead of using that power to wipe out the mosquitos that transmit the disease, we're wasting precious time on the least effective possible approach: vaccines.
  7. Dangerous new pesticide coming to the produce aisle

    California is about to sign off on an insane plan that would allow farmers to use one of the world's most dangerous chemicals as a pesticide on strawberry plants.
  8. Antibacterial madness could be killing us

    We're so clean we're filthy. In fact, we're washing our way towards illness and death.

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