Oregon wants to turn tobacco into prescription drugs

Prescription cigarettes????

Sounds crazy, but the latest Nanny State assault on innocent smokers is a push to turn tobacco into a Schedule III controlled substance in Oregon. That would make it illegal to possess or distribute tobacco without a doctor's prescription.

But if you think that's going to cut down on cigarette use, you must be smoking something other than tobacco.

All the plan will REALLY do is burden society in the places we can least afford it: medicine and police.

Already, it's next to impossible to get a doctor's appointment in many places -- something that will get WORSE as Obamacare kicks in. But if you think it's hard now, wait 'til you have to wait in line behind a bunch of smokers who need to renew their prescriptions.

Of course, smokers won't want to wait in those lines either -- especially if they know there's a chance their doctor will say no (as you can bet plenty of them will, especially if they want to keep their jobs).

So enter the new black market -- and if you think doctors are overworked, wait 'til you see what that does to police forces.

But the real problem with this latest Nanny State nonsense isn't police or doctors, and it's not just the fact that they're making it harder for you to get your smokes.

It's that once you get a prescription for cigarettes, you'll be placed in some government database. They will know your name and where you live. They will know that you smoke, and even how much you smoke.

And yes, that information can and will come back to haunt you in the Nanny State.

If you live in Oregon, whether you smoke or not, make sure your lawmakers know you're against this and every other intrusion on your personal rights. And if you don't live in Oregon, be vigilant -- because you can bet Nanny Staters everywhere are already cooking up their own prescription tobacco schemes.

PS: You won't hear this from the Nanny State, but did you know that tobacco use can actually be healthy? That's right... HEALTHY! For more on how to get the full uncensored science on how tobacco can protect the brain, improve the heart, and even PREVENT cancer, read this.