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  1. Sham study aims to put 2 million kids on ADHD meds

    Did pill-pushing apologists invent sham disease for kids?

    He's supposed to be learning long division, but his brain is somewhere else. He's daydreaming about making the game-winning shot. Maybe he's practicing his autograph in the margins of his math homework.

    To me, he's just a typical 10-year-old -- but I guess I don't see the world through Big Pharma-tinted glasses. Because when those dope peddlers look at your kid, all they see are dollar signs.

    And it looks like these corporate hogs are getting ready to once again dip their filthy hooves into your family's piggy bank to try to wring every last penny out of you that they can. To do it, they've even invented some sham disease that sounds like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, not a medical journal.

    The infamous Dr. Russell Barkley... the same guy who I could almost swear has never met a kid he wouldn't diagnose with ADHD... has returned. And from this side of the fence it looks like he's practically working hand-in-hand with his drug company sugar-daddies to make sure that by this time next year, your kid (and every other kid you know) never goes to school without a bottle of dangerous pills.

    Barkley and his colleagues are claiming to have "discovered" a new form of ADHD that would allow AT LEAST 2 million more kids to qualify for dangerous drugs like Ritalin. Kids afflicted with Dr. Barkley's mysterious new "sluggish cognitive tempo" could be lethargic and may spend a lot of time daydreaming.

    In other words, they're KIDS. But they won't stay regular kids for long, once powerful stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin get them fidgeting and grinding their teeth like a pack of rabid, pill-popping zombies.

    Dr. Barkley is the godfather of ADHD in America. He even publishes an ADHD newsletter for parents. But like lots of "godfathers," he keeps some pretty shady company. He's been accepting "fees" from Eli Lilly, one of the largest makers of ADHD meds, for years -- and I'll give you one guess who generously cooperated with his latest research.

    And it's a heck of a deal for them. ADHD drugs retail for up to $150 a month. Figure 2 million kids over 12 months, and we're talking about a Big Pharma haul of an extra $3.6 BILLION A YEAR!

    And all they had to do was invent a disease.

    Any time some bigwig researcher starts pushing for more kids to take drugs, I don't just check his background -- I check his pockets. And more often than not, I find a heck of a lot more than lint.

    Just months from now, doctors across America are going to start writing prescriptions for "sluggish cognitive tempo," and they've got their sights set square on your kid. But before you consider dangerous drugs for your child, consider the source.

    Because sluggish cognitive tempo isn't some medical breakthrough. It's a billion-dollar swindle that stinks worse than a desert outhouse.

  2. FDA approving untested medical devices for kids

    Medical device safety isn't child's play

    Listen, I'm so tough the Boogeyman checks his closet for ME at night. But there's a darned good reason I never practiced pediatric medicine -- nothing melts my heart faster than the sight of a sick kid.

    I hope you've never had to stand vigil by some hospital bed, watching your child or grandchild tethered to tens of thousands of dollars of medical machinery. It's the most terrifying experience of any adult's life.

    And it turns out you never knew the half of it.

    According to a galling new Harvard study, your doctor may have placed that oxygen mask on your child's face or that stent in his artery without having any idea whether they were going to work. In fact, there's a good chance your child was a lab rat in a twisted medical experiment being conducted all across America with the full blessing of our federal government.

    Harvard researchers found that over the past seven years, the FDA has been approving medical devices that have NEVER been proven to work for kids. In fact 84% of the "high risk" devices tested -- we're talking about cardiac defibrillators and other tools you're counting on to save your kid's life -- were never tested on a single patient under the age of 18!

    You wouldn't dare give your child an adult dose of cough medicine, let alone some dodgy prescription drug. So why are hospitals using the same medical devices on your kid that they'd use on a full-grown man?

    It's a dangerous practice that could turn deadly in a hurry, and it's up to us to stop it. Head over to the FDA's website and demand they stop approving untested devices for kids. Demand these government stooges start doing their jobs -- and make sure medical device manufacturers are doing theirs, too.

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