1. Vitamin C cuts risk of deadliest stroke

    The steak and peppers cure for deadly stroke

    I may have come into this world needing someone to shovel peas and mush into my mouth, but I'll be damned if I'm going out that way. Let's face it -- we all know someone who was chipping away on the golf course one second, and a drooling, wheelchair-bound mess the next.

    And it was all thanks to a sudden, crippling stroke.

    I take my independence seriously, and I bet you do, too. That's why I'm protecting my brain and slashing my stroke risk the best way I know how -- by chowing down on a delicious T-bone steak smothered in butter and peppers every chance I get.

    That steady supply of fat keeps my brain humming and my waistline trim, while the fresh peppers are positively loaded with one of the greatest natural stroke fighters you'll find on planet Earth.

    A new French study has just concluded that vitamin C, which you'll find in foods like peppers, broccoli, and citrus fruits, could slash your risk of suffering the deadliest form of stroke. Researchers found 65 unfortunate souls who had suffered from hemorrhagic stroke, a potentially deadly brain bleed, and compared them to healthy subjects. Almost without exception, stroke sufferers were low on vitamin C.

    And that's no surprise to me. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining healthy blood vessels.

    So the next time some health nut tries to drag you onto a treadmill or force a kale smoothie down your throat in the name of preventing a stroke, do yourself a favor and grill up a steak sandwich with all the trimmings instead. It might make his brain explode, but it will do a bang-up job protecting yours.

  2. Deadly vaccine gets massive new push

    Feds urge boys to get Gardasil shots

    Hide your sons and grandsons, folks -- the day I've warned you about is finally here: A federal panel is urging docs to start giving dangerous HPV vaccines to boys.

    And they couldn't have picked a better time for this big announcement -- because it came just days after a damning new report linked the main HPV vaccine, Gardasil, to 26 new deaths in little girls.

    Of course, the feds didn't announce those new deaths with the same fanfare they announced the new vaccine push.


    Instead, they tried to cover it up -- just like they did last year. And just like last year, they were caught red-handed when the watchdog group Judicial Watch used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain all the deadly details.

    Along with those 26 new deaths linked to the vaccine, the group found reports of blindness, paralysis, short term memory loss, seizures, speech problems, and Guillain-Barré Syndrome -- all in previously healthy young girls who had been given Gardasil shots.

    And now they want to spread those risks to boys? I'll take my chances with the HPV, thank you very much!

    Here's the truth about HPV vaccinations: They only block some strains of HPV, and only for a limited period of time.

    In girls, that means the vaccine offers no real promise against cervical cancer, despite the fact that the press has anointed it the "cervical cancer vaccine."

    In boys, it promises even less: The CDC's vaccine panel says it can lower the risk of anal cancer if your son turns out to be a homosexual. But anal cancer is so rare that your boy has almost zero chance of getting it even without the vaccine -- and even if he grows up gayer than Liberace.

    And while the cancer may be rare, the side effects aren't -- so if you value the lives of your son, daughter, or grandchild, keep them all as far as you can from any doctor dishing out this vaccine.

    For the full and uncensored history of the shoddy science and shady backroom deals behind the push for Gardasil, read the June 2009 issue of the Douglass Report.

    Warning: It'll blow your mind. And it might just save your kid's life, too.

  3. Needless vaccine can have deadly consequences

    What will it take for Big Pharma to stop pushing their dangerous and useless vaccines? Apparently, one death a month is not going to be enough.
  4. Mystery illness connected to pig brains

    Workers in pig slaughterhouses in both Indiana and Minnesota are being afflicted with an illness called progressive inflammatory neuropathy - symptoms range minor weakness and numbness to full-on paralysis.
  5. Matters of life and limb

    According to a recent article in the UK Daily News, a 25-year-old American man paralyzed in an accident five years ago can now use e-mail, operate a TV, and move objects with a robotic arm - controlled only by his thoughts!

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