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  1. Popular pain reliever boosts atrial fibrillation risk 84%

    AHA attack dogs don't have your best interest at heart

    When I was fighting in World War II, we had ourselves a little deal with the Nazis. They wore their silly knee-high girl boots and parachute pants, and we GIs wore our tough-as-nails green fatigues.

    Because when you're in the heat of battle, when bullets are flying everywhere, you need to be able to tell which side a guy is fighting for.

    Just remember that the next time you hear the goose-stepping frauds at the American Heart Association crowing about how they're fighting some war against heart disease, our country's number-one killer. Because underneath those inspirational T-shirts they toss around at walk-a-thons, the AHA is wearing a uniform that ought to make you madder than a cornered cobra.

    They're playing for Team Big Pharma.

    Just look at how the AHA reacted to a breakthrough study out of the Netherlands that proved a billion-dollar class of prescription painkillers could be a nail in the coffin for seniors like you.

    This massive study followed 8,400 seniors for an average of 13 years and found that folks who took non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) were a whopping 76% more likely to suffer atrial fibrillation, a potentially fatal irregular heartbeat. Worse still, if you took an NSAID -- even prescription-strength ibuprofen -- in the past month, your risk of afib may have skyrocketed 84%!

    So how did these clowns at AHA respond? Did they spend even a fraction of their fortune to warn folks like you to head to your nearest toilet and flush your NSAIDs like a dead goldfish?

    Not exactly. Instead, they dispatched their "spokesman" Dr. Gregg Fonarow of UCLA to throw cold water on the research and declare that more "study" was needed. Friend, when a class of drugs that has ALREADY been linked to heart failure and sudden death boosts your afib risk 84%, we don't need more study -- we need a massive global recall!

    And that's when I started poking around to see which side Dr. Fonarow is REALLY fighting for. Turns out this is the same doctor who accepted $141,000 in "speaking" fees from GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, makers of NSAIDs Treximet and Celebrex. Talk about a "potential" conflict of interest. Lots of you could work tax-free for five years without pulling in as much cash as Dr. Fonarow has accepted from Big Pharma -- and this was the attack dog the AHA chose to unleash to discredit a study that could save your life!

    Friend, I told you I was going to start naming names, and I'm not kidding. AHA and its experts have been accepting millions in drug company "grants" and "donations" for years, and it's high time you learned which team they're playing for.

    Here's a hint -- it's not yours.

  2. Has the FDA approved the next deadly street drug?

    FDA offers drug dealers billion dollar gift

    I'm not a fan of outsourcing American jobs, but there's one federal agency I'd like to send abroad once and for all.

    Let's take every government stooge at the FDA, with their swanky Washington offices and million-dollar pensions, and send them somewhere a little more fitting for their work.

    How's Juarez, Mexico for starters?

    Because it's clearer than ever what the FDA really is -- a billion-dollar drug cartel that makes a fortune killing thousands. How else do you explain the FDA's shocking move to approve a new medication that they KNOW... that every doctor in his right mind ADMITS... will be sold as a dangerous street drug?

    I guess with the crack epidemic winding down, the FDA has taken it upon itself to find new ways for you to get your fix. They've just given the green light to Zohydro, a potent version of the hydrocodone that's already being pedaled on street corners and is racking up body counts all over the world.

    A group of state attorney generals and scientists are warning Zohydro will be sold in more Ziploc baggies than pill bottles, and one of the world's top addiction scientists says people will start overdosing and dying the day the drug hits the market.

    But, believe me, just like those dirtbags who sell drugs in school parking lots, the FDA and Big Pharma make their sale and never look back. Even when a drug is sold illegally, Big Pharma profits -- and some of that "you scratched my back now I'll scratch yours" cash gets pumped right back into the FDA.

    You wouldn't trust a drug dealer or a pimp with your kids' safety, and our government is both. Zohydro hits the market this month, so keep your eyes peeled. A little vigilance could keep this pain reliever from putting the hurt on someone you love

  3. High-dose acetaminophen can cause liver damage

    Are you curing your headache by killing your liver? The acetaminophen pain reliever sitting in your medicine cabinet right now is unleashing chemical warfare on your organs and could leave you with permanent liver damage- or worse.
  4. Study claims laughter is dangerous

    A new study claims laughter could lead to everything from heart problems to hernia. But don't stop laughing yet -- get the truth here.
  5. Cherries for osteoarthritis isn't as sweet as it sounds

    The nanoparticles turning up in everything can cause autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  6. Steroids and arthritis meds don't work for back pain

    Don't let anyone pump steroids or arthritis shots into your back for pain relief -- because they don't work! A new study proves it again.
  7. Botox proven ineffective for migraine relief

    Thinking of Botox for migraines? Think again! A new review of 31 studies confirms little to no benefit to Botox for migraine relief.
  8. The most dangerous painkiller yet

    The painkiller cycle is as endless as it is relentless -- and if you're taking these meds for your own chronic pain, you already know the truth: None of them will ever actually end the pain. But they might end your life.

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