1. Are you too fat to beat cancer?

    Spare tire deflates cancer survival odds

    The second your doctor shows you that dark mass on your lung or walks in grim-faced to deliver your biopsy results, you have everything in the world working against you. You'll spend the next several months... even years... of your life fending off disfiguring surgeries, chemo drips that'll have your stomach doing flip-flops, and dangerous radiation.

    But in your fight against cancer, your biggest opponent may not be anything out of the mainstream torture chamber. It's those saddle bags hanging from your hips -- or that plus-sized belly drooping over your belt buckle.

    A new Oxford study of 80,000 women found that gals who were a bit on the chunky side were nearly 30% less likely to survive their bout with a common form of breast cancer. That's about one-third less chance of watching grandkids blow out birthday candles or walking your son or daughter down the aisle -- all because you didn't lay off the Snickers.

    Now the Oxford folks only looked at breast cancer -- but you can be sure your obesity works against you when you're fighting other types of cancers, too. That's because beating cancer takes every ounce of stamina you have, and you're not gaining any glued to the couch watching The Young and the Restless.

    Nobody ever thinks about fighting cancer until the horse is already out of the barn. But it's time to get yourself into training now by shedding those extra pounds and getting a move on by doing whatever active hobby tickles your fancy (just make sure you don't overdo it -- here's why).

    Because once you get yourself into fighting shape, you'll be readier than ever to win the biggest battle of your life.

  2. Extra pounds, extra hospital visits

    Obesity adds to hospital risk

    Think hospitals are crowded and chaotic now? Just wait a few years! U.S. hospitals are going to need more doctors, more rooms, and more beds -- along with bigger beds, wider doors, and sturdier ambulances.

    And this one has nothing to do with Obamacare... and everything to do with McDonaldsCare.

    Yes, the modern fast food lifestyle hasn't just made people fatter. It's made us sicker. That much is obvious, and it goes without saying that the overweight and obese are clogging up doctor's offices and emergency rooms.

    What may not be so obvious is how every inch on your waistline will increase YOUR odds of ending up in the ER for things like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and chest pain.

    So I've got some numbers for you from a new study. Let's start with 1 and 4. For every one-point increase on the BMI chart, your risk of hospitalization increases by 4 percent.

    Small? Maybe... if you're just 1 point over the line.

    But millions of people left "normal" 5 or 10 points behind -- and for them, that means the increased risk is between 20 percent and 40 percent. And that's why, overall, 203 out of every 1,000 overweight and obese men will find themselves in the hospital over any two-year period, compared to just 120 per 1,000 among those of normal weight.

    For obese women, it's 183 per 1,000 among the overweight and obese, versus 103 per 1,000 among those of normal weights.

    And this is only the beginning. With a third of Americans now overweight and another 35 percent obese, hospitals are going to start to resemble plus-sized resorts.

    Call it the new Club Med.

    That leaves you with a choice, one you have to make right now. You can join your fellow Americans in McDonaldsCare and fight for one of those spare hospital beds, or you can take care of yourself now and stay out of the hospital completely.

    Sounds like an easy choice to me.

  3. Why weight loss won't always help diabetics

    Diabetics who lose weight don't reduce their health risks, according to a new study. But that's only because they didn't lose enough weight.
  4. Weight loss can boost testosterone levels

    It's the easiest way yet to boost your testosterone: lose weight. A new study finds men can increase their levels of this hormone by dropping the extra pounds.
  5. CPAP masks can cure erectile dysfunction

    It's the strangest ‘cure' for erectile dysfunction yet: The breathing mask used to treat apnea can also boost sex power in men with the sleep disorder.
  6. Employers to fat people: You're fired!

    If you've got a plus-sized gut, you're not just physically unfit. You're unfit for work -- at least according to one hospital.
  7. Cake for breakfast? Not on your life!

    I've told you about some daffy diets over the years. The candy diet, cookie diet, potato diet, Twinkie diet, oat diet. Now, you can add one more to the list.
  8. Weight Watchers bust

    A new study proves that the cultish Weight Watchers diet is just another recipe for low-fat failure -- but of course, that's not how it was spun in the media.
  9. Exercises in futility

    A slew of new studies is pumping all my favorite exercise myths -- and rather than go after them one at a time, I'm going to take them all on at once, right here, with one hand tied behind my back (you'll have to trust me on that last bit).
  10. When you don't know you're fat

    Turns out obese women and their just-as-pudgy children have no idea that they're porkers -- and when asked to pick their own body shape out of a lineup, they almost always pick one that's too thin to be true.

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