Too much water is more dangerous than too little

Anyone who tells you that you have to keep drinking water to stay hydrated is full of it... and I don't mean water.

You have a better chance of getting hit by space debris than suffering dehydration, even during exercise and even on a hot day -- and if you don't believe me on this one, maybe you'll believe the scientific journal BMJ.

The human body can withstand a loss of 15 percent of its water before it starts to suffer. That's about as much water as you'd lose in two whole days and nights out in the desert, not 20 or 30 minutes on the Stairmaster.

Meanwhile, a 2 percent increase in total water can impair both physical and mental performance. For a 190-pound man, that's just one liter of water. And if you keep guzzling water, you can go way beyond impairment -- because too much water can lead to seizures, coma, and even death.

As a result, the researchers wrote in BMJ that not only is everything you've been told about "hydration" a lie designed to sell water... but that OVER-hydration is actually a bigger threat than dehydration, even to athletes.

(Heck, I never drink the stuff myself. In fact, a glass of water hasn't passed these lips in over 20 years. And I can almost guarantee you'll climb out of the deep end of the pool too once you read all the water-logged details when you click here.)

So put down the water. Hop off the Stairmaster while you're at it, too, because if there's anything more dangerous than drinking too much water it's exercise itself -- and the new study proves that as well.

You see, people really do keel over and collapse during workouts, and it's often chalked up to dehydration.

It's not.

Exercisers and athletes who collapse are no more hydrated or dehydrated than those who don't collapse, according to the study. In fact, most of them are later found to be suffering from a form of exercise-induced low blood pressure.

If that's your idea of a "good workout," then get to it. If you're actually interested in staying alive and staying healthy, keep yourself active without the exertion of punishing exercise.