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  1. Using talc powder linked to ovarian cancer

    That old-fashioned powder trick could give you cancer

    For decades, it’s been a morning routine for lots of women.

    After they shower, they “freshen up” with talcum powder for feminine hygiene.

    You do it for years without ever thinking twice.

    But ladies, it turns out that one, simple morning ritual may come with a higher price than you’ve ever been warned about. Because talc – a critical component of talcum powder – could actually put you on the fast track to ovarian cancer.

    In a recent study, Brigham & Women’s Hospital reviewed the cases of just over 2,000 women with ovarian cancer and a smaller group of women who were cancer-free.

    The women who regularly sprinkled a dusting of powder had a 33 percent higher chance of developing ovarian cancer than those who didn’t.

    And this study is just the latest. Studies linking talc to ovarian cancer have been conducted since the early 70s, where a small study in Britain analyzed 13 ovarian tumors and found traces of talc in 10 of them.

    That’s right – there’s actually talc IN THE TUMORS, because even if you’re only applying the powder on the outside of your private areas (or onto the fabric of your underthings), it can travel inside you.

    It’s the same reason that Johnson & Johnson warns not to use the powder near a baby’s face – because it travels, and it can easily be breathed in, at which point it becomes a POISON.

    But you know where the safety warnings DON’T tell you to stay away from? Your feminine parts, where it could lead to ovarian cancer!

    An estimated 21,000 new cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed each year. As much as 10 percent of them could be somehow linked to talc use.

    If you’re still using talc-based baby powder each morning, your best bet is to ditch it right away for a talc-free brand (you won’t have any trouble finding one).

    Because the small, daily benefits of talc just aren’t worth the serious, long-term risks you may be facing down the road.

  2. Starve yourself to beat cancer? No thanks!

    New study pushes starvation as a cancer weapon

    It's bad enough that cancer docs want to poison you with chemotherapy to "save" your life. Now, they want to starve you at the same time.

    And this is what passes for medicine these days? Sounds more like torture to me, but that's exactly what's on tap next as researchers have "discovered" that starvation therapy helps chemo kill cancer cells quicker.

    Studies on mice found that in eight different types of cancer, fasting for two days before and one day after chemo lead to the death of more cancer cells, smaller tumors, and better survival rates.

    That's the part that made headlines anyway. But here's what else they found: Fasting WITHOUT chemo managed to slow the growth of breast cancer, melanoma, glioma, and neuroblastoma, and extended survival in mice with ovarian cancer.

    Supposedly, the fasting plus chemo combo was better than either chemo or fasting alone. But "better" is relative when it comes to chemotherapy.

    This treatment "works" -- if you can even call it that -- by killing both cancer cells and healthy cells at the same time. Docs hope the cancer dies before you do, but it doesn't always work out that way.

    In the current study, for example, not a single mouse given only chemotherapy survived.

    No wonder three-quarters of oncologists say they'd REFUSE chemo if they ever got cancer themselves!

    They might be hypocrites, but they're not nuts -- and they certainly don't have a death wish. They know you don't need chemo to beat cancer -- and you don't need to starve yourself, either. And when their own lives are on the line you can bet they'll turn to the same natural alternatives they pooh-poohed to you.

    One of them is a compound from a tropical fruit you already know (and probably love). Oncologists know it, too, because it's been used alongside chemo for years.

    But now, researchers are learning that even when used on its own, this natural wonder can leave chemo in the dust.

    I have all the details on the tropical secret to beating cancer in this month's Douglass Report. If you're a subscriber, login now and read all about. And if you're not, what are you waiting for? Sign up here, and you'll also get access to my full library of drug-free cancer-fighting miracles.

  3. Ovarian protection that suits to a tea!

    Swedish research suggested that daily consumption of several glasses of tea may have a profound effect on the incidence of ovarian cancer
  4. Singin' the Praises of Coffee

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  5. Cancer-fighting benefits of garlic consumption

    A few years ago, I wrote in my newsletter about the cancer-fighting benefits of garlic consumption - especially for stomach and colorectal cancers.

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