1. Fluoride no help for thinning bones

    Bad to the bone!

    Fluoride... for bone health?

    I'd laugh if the idea weren't so irresponsible, because fluoride is about as good for your bone health as a loan shark after you've missed a payment.

    The science is so clear on the bone-crunching risks of fluoride that even plenty of mainstream docs won't go near this stuff anymore. But for those who haven't gotten the message, a new study confirms -- yet again -- that it's absolutely 100 percent ineffective for senior women suffering from osteopenia.

    That's a bone-thinning condition that can lead to breaks, fractures, and even the far more serious osteoporosis.

    In the new study, 180 postmenopausal women were hoodwinked into taking either one of three daily fluoride doses -- 2.5 mg, 5 mg, or 10 mg -- or, for the lucky ones, a placebo.

    One year later, the women who ingested this poison had zip to show for it. Tests on bone mineral density in the hip and lumbar spine and tests of overall bone mineral density found no differences at all between women given the toxic supplements and women given the placebo.


    Now, it's one thing to simply fail to protect bone. But like I said earlier, fluoride can actually snap 'em like twigs. In the new study, there were zero fractures in the placebo group -- but FIVE spread out among the fluoride groups.

    And fluoride can do more than just break your bones. It's been linked to bone cancer and about a billion other risks -- up to and including making people DUMB.

    Maybe that's why the authorities are so eager to dump it into your water.

    If there's fluoride in your own water, there are two steps you need to take right now. First, install a reverse osmosis filter, which can remove fluoride and all the other common contaminants -- including drugs, hormones, and chemical waste.

    And second, contact your elected officials and tell them under no uncertain terms that you want the fluoride OUT.

    I'm not done with bone health yet. Keep reading!

  2. Dangerous new mammograms

    3-D mammograms present new risks for women

    There's a new weapon aimed at your boobs, ladies -- a powerful new 3-D mammogram that emits twice the radiation of the traditional screening.

    If you didn't have cancer before your exam, you might get it afterwards!

    The newly approved machine is called the Selenia Dimensions System, and studies show it increases "accuracy" by 7 percent – but as I've told you before, docs don't need more help spotting tumors.

    If the "pink ribbon" campaigns have taught us anything, it's that spotting tumors doesn't save lives -- it just puts millions of women through unnecessary life-altering treatments such as poisonous drugs, toxic chemo, and disfiguring breast-chopping surgeries. (Read more here.)

    The new machine won't change that -- it'll make it worse, because increased "accuracy" is just code for increased paychecks, as doctors spot even more harmless tumors to perform unnecessary treatments on.

    Some of the risks of these treatments can haunt women for the rest of their lives -- and not just the obvious one, like surgically butchered breasts. One new study finds that women who survive breast cancer treatments could suffer hip fractures at earlier-than-ever ages.

    Researchers made the connection when they found six unusual fracture cases in women in their early 50s – practically kids by today's standards – and all of them just so happened to be breast cancer survivors. One of the women already had osteoporosis, while the other five had osteopenia, which is a thinning of the bone that isn't quite osteoporosis.

    The researchers wrote in Clinical Cancer Research that they believe chemotherapy and common cancer drugs can cause or accelerate bone thinning and weakening -- and say women who've undergone these treatments should have regular bone density tests.

    But I've got a better idea: Just skip the mammograms.

    Don't waste your time choosing 3-D or 2-D -- only "No-D" will ensure that you don't fall victim to an unnecessary treatment that could ruin your life now... and shatter your bones later.

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