FDA offers drug dealers billion dollar gift

I'm not a fan of outsourcing American jobs, but there's one federal agency I'd like to send abroad once and for all.

Let's take every government stooge at the FDA, with their swanky Washington offices and million-dollar pensions, and send them somewhere a little more fitting for their work.

How's Juarez, Mexico for starters?

Because it's clearer than ever what the FDA really is -- a billion-dollar drug cartel that makes a fortune killing thousands. How else do you explain the FDA's shocking move to approve a new medication that they KNOW... that every doctor in his right mind ADMITS... will be sold as a dangerous street drug?

I guess with the crack epidemic winding down, the FDA has taken it upon itself to find new ways for you to get your fix. They've just given the green light to Zohydro, a potent version of the hydrocodone that's already being pedaled on street corners and is racking up body counts all over the world.

A group of state attorney generals and scientists are warning Zohydro will be sold in more Ziploc baggies than pill bottles, and one of the world's top addiction scientists says people will start overdosing and dying the day the drug hits the market.

But, believe me, just like those dirtbags who sell drugs in school parking lots, the FDA and Big Pharma make their sale and never look back. Even when a drug is sold illegally, Big Pharma profits -- and some of that "you scratched my back now I'll scratch yours" cash gets pumped right back into the FDA.

You wouldn't trust a drug dealer or a pimp with your kids' safety, and our government is both. Zohydro hits the market this month, so keep your eyes peeled. A little vigilance could keep this pain reliever from putting the hurt on someone you love