omega-3 fatty acids

  1. Feds are funding a hit job on natural cures with your cash

    Feds billion dollar cold war targets natural cures

    Call me crazy, but when the Berlin Wall fell and the Iron Curtain turned to lace overnight, I thought that the days of Uncle Sam sprinkling your tax dollars all over the world to prop up brutal and corrupt regimes were finally behind us.

    But old habits die hard. Because one of America's largest hospitals has just accidently delivered irrefutable proof that our government is pouring BILLIONS into a shadowy new war, while pretending to keep its hands clean.

    But this war isn't being fought in some far-off country... it's a war against YOU and you're right to turn your back on Big Pharma's poison pills and choose safe, natural cures instead.

    The world-famous Cleveland Clinic recently published a piece of trash-laden propaganda as part of its "Love Your Heart" campaign. And frankly, I wouldn't line the bottom of a bird cage with this pack of lies and half-truths.

    The report attacked both natural fish oils and vitamins, saying NEITHER played any role whatsoever in heart health. They even had the nerve to call natural treatments for the prevention of heart disease "myths."

    Well, it sure wasn't make-believe when a major study found fish oil can slash your risk for heart failure by 30%... or when another study found it could add more than two years to your life. And I bet the Canadians were surprised to learn they were creating a brand new myth when they completed a 15 YEAR STUDY that found low levels of B vitamins could increase your chances of fatal heart disease by a staggering 69%.

    The claims in the Cleveland Clinic report were so deceptive -- so outrageously ridiculous -- that even most MAINSTREAM docs would call them silly. So that's why I decided to do something I've told you to do for years -- I followed the money.

    I was fully expecting to find Big Pharma's grubby paw prints all over this sham science -- but to my dismay I found yours instead! It turns out our federal government has pumped billions of our tax dollars into the Cleveland Clinic over the years. The hospital's main research department alone is raking in $100 million of our cash a year!

    Yes, it's yet another case of the pharma loving feds quietly doing the bidding of their fat-cat friends at the drug companies. So next time you come across report smearing the good name of safe and natural cures, try my two-step process for discovering the truth.

    Consider the source -- then check their wallet.

  2. Fish oil slows brain aging by up to two years

    Grow an age-defying super brain with ONE spoonful a day

    It's a bum deal, right? We spend the first two-thirds of our lives accumulating knowledge, and the last third forgetting it all.

    Never mind the capitol of Kentucky -- you're just trying to keep your grandkids' names straight!

    Well, not me, friend. I may have racked up some miles on my odometer, but I'm still sharper than a Samurai sword. If I went on Jeopardy tomorrow, I'd be leaving with the deed to Alex Trebek's house -- and maybe even his wife.

    And it's not because I'm some genetic marvel, or because I wear out pencils on crosswords and Sudokus. It's because I start each day giving my brain EXACTLY what it needs -- healthy, disease fighting fat.

    That's right -- I said "healthy" and "fat" in the same sentence. And if you want to keep your noggin as nimble as mine as you age, you'd better start making the connection.

    According to a new study in Neurology, starting each day with a healthy dose of omega-3-rich fish oil may be the secret to keeping a youthful, active brain, even when you're old as dirt. Researchers tested the blood of 1,000 women for omega-3s, and then performed scans of their brains eight years later. The gals who started the study with the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood had more brain volume and had lost fewer brain cells. In fact, they seemed to halt the aging on their brains by up to two full years!

    And these ladies weren't spring chickens either. The average woman in the study was 78 years old -- right around the age where you have a better chance of finding the lost city of Atlantis than your car keys some mornings.

    This wasn't the first study to prove the powerful brain protection you get from just a spoonful of fish oil. Just a couple years ago I told you about a study of New York seniors that found that those with the most omega-3s in their system were less likely to develop the dangerous, brain-clogging plaques linked to Alzheimer's.

    Of course, don't expect to hear Paula Deen, Sally Field or any other celebrity endorser crowing about fish oil during some 30-second Madison Avenue commercial. You see, ever since it became clear that real fish oil was an inflammation-fighting medical miracle -- and that the drug companies couldn't make a dime off of it (their own attempt at a synthetic drug version failed miserably) -- Big Pharma and the mainstream have been out to ruin it. They've sunk to everything from sham studies to lies and innuendo.

    Don't trust some billion dollar drug company looking to line its pockets with your cash -- trust the science. And the science says that if you're serious about protecting all the knowledge and memories you spent a lifetime accumulating, you should start packing yourself to the gills with fish oil today.

  3. Omega-3s protect the heart

    The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can protect the heart, especially in patients suffering from metabolic syndrome, according to new research.
  4. What's the best type of milk?

    A new study claims organic milk is better than regular milk. But if you're getting your milk at the supermarket, you're getting the wrong stuff.
  5. How depression can speed aging

    You don't need help getting older -- but depression will speed the process, taking as much as six years off your life.
  6. Daily aspirin hurts more than it helps

    Aspirin's called a "wonder drug." But new research shows daily aspirin is twice as likely to hurt you as it is to help.
  7. Fish oil can beat dementia and extend lives

    A little fish oil can help fight off cognitive decline and even extend your life, according to new research.
  8. Eating fish can prevent rheumatoid

    Women who eat fish are less likely to get rheumatoid arthritis -- and women with the highest omega-3 levels have half the risk of the disease.
  9. Omega-3s won't boost your cancer risk

    A new study claims fish oil supplements can increase the risk of cancer -- but the study didn't look at fish oil supplements at all. Get the truth about omega-3s right here.
  10. Bogus omega-3 study finds 'no benefit'

    A study claims to find no heart benefit to fish oil -- but only because of a few classic dirty research tricks. Find out what they pulled here.

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