Garbage in, garbage out

What do kids and cows have in common? They eat the same things -- and if you ask me, it's getting harder than ever to tell the two apart.

Kids eat corn and soy and get dosed with drugs, antibiotics, and hormones at every turn... and so do the animals on factory farms. The only difference is that kids "supplement" their meals with cookies and gummy worms.

Well, that WAS the only difference -- because now, the animals on factory farms are actually being given truckloads of junk food.

The drought that's causing prices in the supermarket to skyrocket is also causing the price of feed to shoot though the barn roof -- so farmers are turning to leftover junk food to save a few bucks. Along with cookies and gummy worms, cattle are being fed sprinkles, snack cakes, marshmallows, sugary cereals, and more.

And if you thought supermarket meat was low in nutrition and essential fatty acids before, you can bet it's a whole lot worse now.

The irony here is that the best possible food for raising animals with high levels of essential minerals and omega-3 fatty acids is practically free: Just let them out onto a pasture where they can eat grass and moo at passing cars.

The only "problem" is that an all-natural grass diet won't cause cows to get fat as fast as farmers want them to. For that, they need corn, soy, candy, cookies and antibiotics. But we've learned that first-hand, right? After all... that's pretty much the human diet, circa 2012.

At least PETA should be happy -- animals are finally getting the same treatment we give ourselves.