1. Young Americans are revolting against Obamacare

    Obama Ponzi Scheme about to implode

    If you want the straight scoop about the direction this country is headed in, skip the blue-suited government goons and ask a kid. Because young folks have an awfully direct way of telling the truth -- whether you like it or not.

    And right now, a group of young Americans is revealing an ugly, terrifying truth that Obama and his nanny state pals hoped you'd never hear. These youngsters are proving once and for all that Obamacare isn't the socialist savior of America's health care system...

    It's a TRILLION DOLLAR PONZI SCHEME teetering on the brink of collapse.

    And once Obamacare implodes... like all Ponzi schemes eventually do... it's going to unleash financial ruin on every poor sap who spent cash propping it up.

    I hope you're not one of them.

    You've heard all the sob stories about single mothers or cancer-stricken Aunt Sally who have their first health insurance in years thanks to Obamacare -- but the truth is, the whole system depends on a steady supply of young, healthy Americans willing to overpay for coverage.

    And it turns out America's youth aren't terribly interested in letting our Pretender in Chief rip them off.

    A new Forbes analysis proves that plenty of young adults are better off staying uninsured than wasting a dime of their money buying into Obamacare.

    And these kids aren't being selfish -- they're being logical. Some of these 20-somethings may visit a doctor once a year or less, and Obama wants to saddle them with health plans that can run $200 a month.

    That's not just a scam -- it's highway robbery!

    Young adults are deciding in droves they'd rather pay Obamacare's nickel-and-dime penalties than waste THOUSANDS on useless coverage -- and that's a HUGE problem for Obama and his pals.

    Because when I told you Obamcare was a Ponzi scheme, I wasn't kidding. The entire system relies on bringing in new, young folks willing to pay sky-high rates. Obama makes a killing off these kiddos, and then uses the cash to subsidize insurance for old, sick and poor Americans.

    The only problem is that today's youngsters are refusing to play ball -- and they're just a year or two from bankrupting the entire silly system.

    This is the beginning of the Obamacare death spiral -- and if we don't end this nonsense now, this whole country is going to go down the drain with it.

    It's time to get Big Government -- and the insurance companies -- out of health care forever. Bring back the cash-for-services health model that served this country well for 200 years.

    Because America's youngest citizens have struck the match -- and Obamacare is going down in flames.

  2. South American version of Obamacare causing economic ruin

    Is Obamacare about to cause the next Great Depression?

    Let me be honest with you -- I don't have a crystal ball. If I did, I would have sold IBM stock and bought Google about a decade ago.

    But there are some times in life when you just don't need one.

    Like when our elected Socialist in Chief and his kumbaya buddies are forcing a trillion-dollar health care disaster down the gullets of the American people. I'm talking about the same, tired socialized medicine nonsense that's forcing massive waiting lines and bankruptcy on countries around the world.

    And if you want a good look at our future… if you want a front-row seat to the economic terrorism Obamacare is about to unleash on every taxpaying American… just point your compass south.

    Because a health care crisis if unfolding in that socialist paradise known as Venezuela right now.

    Countless sick Venezuelans are waiting for medical help that will never come, thanks to a socialized health plan that somehow found a way to make this dirt poor country even poorer. There are 20,000 patients waiting for dialysis treatments… 41,000 folks with AIDS receiving no medical care… and it's all because Venezuela's government-run health care system can't pay its bills.

    Venezuela owes Big Pharma more than $4 billion, and the drug companies have officially cut up the credit card. They won't sell Venezuela another pill until the country comes up with some serious denaro. The country is even suffering a 50% shortage of the materials it needs to perform life-saving surgeries.

    It's the medical equivalent of the Great Depression!

    And if you think Venezuelan politicians are just a bunch of Third World flunkies who can't keep a budget straight, here's something to consider.

    Have you taken a look at OUR Congress lately?

    These stooges signed off on a health care plan that will cost more than $2 TRILLION over the next decade, when we're already $18 trillion in debt! We owe the Chinese so much money that in a few years, we're going to think that fella in Tiananmen Square got off easy!

    Even worse, the Chinese economy is slowing like a Sunday driver at a crosswalk, so it's just a matter of time before they stop lending. And all we're going to be left with is this health care fiasco we can't afford!

    Listen, I'm not suggesting we hand government health care back over to the insurance companies again. I'm saying it's high time we got Uncle Sam AND the insurance companies the hell out of medicine forever!

    It's time we got back to a simple market-driven approach -- you know, the efficient cash-for-services system we use in every other sector of our economy. Because you don't need a crystal ball to see that Obamacare isn't the light at the end of the tunnel -- it's an out of control train, and you and I are tied to the tracks.

  3. VA foul-up murders America's finest

    Veterans died waiting for care after an incompetent VA center covered up a secret waiting list.
  4. Big-Gov-loving wackos demand better healthcare for criminals

    Nanny state lefties are whining that ex-cons aren't getting the health care they deserve on the outside.
  5. Obamacare abusers quit work and you pay

    A damning federal report proves Obama and his buddies were lying when they said Obamacare wouldn't cost jobs. Two million Americans are leaving work, forcing you to pay for their health insurance.
  6. Snakebite uncovers Obamacare insurance scheme

    When a hospital charged a man $89,000 to treat a snakebite, it was forced to admit what we've known all along -- hospitals and health care providers jack up their prices to rip off insurance companies. So much for Obama's claim that we need insurers' bargaining power.
  7. Major news organization blames parents for unborn child's death

    It's a new low, even for the flu vaccine crowd. One of mainstream medicine's vaccination cheerleaders (aka a major news organization) is playing politics with a dead baby and sick Arkansas mom, as they once again refuse to admit the abysmal failure rate of the nearly useless flu vaccine.
  8. New Year leads to new insurance fees

    The start of the New Year is leading to serious sticker shock as people forced to buy ObamaCare coverage learn the hard way how deductibles work.
  9. Obamacare fib named 'lie of the year'

    President Obama's claim that you can keep your health care plan has been named "lie of the year" by the media.
  10. Obamacare is shortchanging doctors

    Obamacare exchanges are paying doctors as little as 30 cents on the dollar -- threatening to drive many of them out of business altogether.

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