1. There aren't enough doctors!

    Why you can't find a doctor

    Think the doctor will see you now? Keep dreaming! You'll be lucky if there's even a doctor in the building at this point -- because there aren't enough MDs to go around.

    Obamacare is burdening an already overworked system with millions of new patients -- so many patients that hospitals, clinics and other care facilities simply can't keep up.

    So they're turning to nurse practitioners and physician assistants to fill the gaps, asking them to do the work usually given to doctors.

    The RAND Corporation says half the doctor shortage would be erased in about a decade with the widespread use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in place of actual doctors.

    Now, I'm not going to insult nurse practitioners. I know more than a few who could run circles around your typical prescription-pumping allopathic doctor.

    But when you need a doctor, you need a doctor -- and you don't want to get pawned off on a nurse practitioner or some assistant who doesn't have the same training, skills and experience.

    That's why he's an assistant, right?

    And forget about developing any kind of relationship with your doctor. If you never see him, you'll never have that bond of trust.

    This is getting worse, not better, because the few good doctors we have left are feeling the Obamacare sting, too. They're being ordered to do more work for less money -- and they're being forced to cope with more random rules, restrictions and regulations than ever before.

    As a result, many of them are shutting down, leaving the country, retiring early or switching to cash-only practices.

    (I saw this coming from a mile away. In fact, I raised a red warning flag well over a year ago now... to catch up click here.)

    My advice is to make like a doctor and flee this unfair and backward system yourself: Get a basic hospitalization policy so you're covered for the big stuff, and then ditch the Obamacare-mandated insurance network for a cash-only free-enterprise doctor.

    This might sound more expensive -- but given the big hikes in insurance fees I've been hearing about, you might actually SAVE money in the long haul. And you'll get better care, too.

  2. Time to quit your night job

    Love the night life? It ain't loving you back. In fact, it's killing you -- and I'm not talking about a night out drinking, smoking and playing cards with the guys.

    All that's downright healthy if you do it right -- but there's nothing healthy about a steady night job other than the paycheck.

    Shift work can give you cancer, obesity, heart disease, sleep disorders (obviously), stress problems and more -- and now, the latest research finds it'll up your odds of type 2 diabetes, too.

    And you don't even need to work the night shift full-time to face that last one, because a new look at data on nurses finds that just three nights a month is all it takes.

    A single year of even that limited night duty boosted the odds of diabetes by 5 percent -- and while that may sound small, it didn't stay small.

    After three years, the risk hit 20 percent... 40 percent after a decade... and 58 percent among women unlucky enough to spend two decades working at least three nights a month.

    The study didn't go into the hows and whys, but all the usual suspects apply: People who work at night don't just have lousy job hours -- they get lousy sleep, eat lousy food and have lousy habits.

    And beyond that, the human body simply wasn't designed for the life of a vampire. When you throw your circadian rhythm out of whack, your hormones follow -- and all those off-schedule ups and downs can have a devastating effect on your entire biology.

    Bottom line here: Don't just get a good night's sleep -- make sure that good night's sleep actually happens at night.

  3. Your hospital room is filthy

    If you're ever unlucky enough to find yourself admitted to a hospital, do yourself a favor: don't touch anything.
  4. Exposed! Forced euthanasia in UK hospitals

    Old and in the way? Not for long if you're unlucky enough to land in a British hospital, where seniors are routinely left to die under secret "do not resuscitate" orders. Those orders are among the most difficult, painful, and intimate decisions you and your family could ever make -- but it's being stolen from you by doctors, nurses, and even office clerks who think they can play God.
  5. Dirty docs and nurses spread germs

    The bartender acquires a deadly infection and kicks the bucket six days later. Now, who do you think gave it to him? My money's on the doctor -- and if you're a Daily Dose regular, you know why: Doctors are filthy... crawling with germs... and they don't even wash their hands most of the time.

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