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  1. Blame the moon for bad sleep

    Lunar light could be keeping you up at night

    The full moon gets blamed for everything from bad drivers to werewolves -- and all it does it sit up in the sky minding its own business.

    You couldn't ask for a more innocent bystander than that!

    And now, they've added one more "crime" to the list of the moon's alleged transgressions: sleep problems.

    Supposedly, people need more time to fall asleep -- and spend less time asleep overall -- when there's a full moon flying high, at least according to one new study.

    But we're not talking about hours of tossing and turning here. Just five extra minutes to fall asleep on average, and 20 minutes of less sleep overall, and that's based on this very, very, very small study with just 33 people.

    I'd say that's not much of a difference at all... but I guess that wouldn't have made for a very exciting research paper.

    Just about the only interesting discovery here is that melatonin levels may dip a little when there's a full moon.

    Since the body uses light cues to start and stop production of this "sleep hormone," I guess that makes some amount of sense. But I doubt they're falling far enough to make much of a difference.

    In any case, if your melatonin levels do fall enough to hurt your sleep -- whether it's due to age, lifestyle or the man in the moon -- there's an easy answer, and that's to add a supplement.

    You'll find it in any vitamin shop or health food store.

    And if the glow of anything is keeping you up at night, it's probably not the one coming from the moon.

    It's the one coming from your TV or iPad.

  2. Women need more sleep than men

    Let sleeping women lie

    Sleep in, ladies -- you need the rest.

    As husbands around the world can attest, women need more sleep than men -- and when they don't get it, they're more likely to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

    This isn't chauvinism; this is science, as research confirms that women are more likely than men to suffer physical and mental problems when they don't get enough sleep -- and this isn't something that can be fixed with an extra cup of coffee.

    According to a Duke University study of 210 sleepers, women who wake up too early are more likely to suffer anger, hostility, depression, psychological distress, and more when compared to men who are woken up early.

    The difference is in the hormones.

    Women need more rest to keep theirs balanced -- and when they fall short, they suffer more. But let's fact facts here: We all suffer when we miss out on sleep even if it's not as immediately obvious as an A.M. outburst of rage and hostility.

    Poor sleep and poor sleep habits can cause diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even increase your risk of an early death -- and that's true in men and women alike.

    One study I told you about last week even found that insomnia can increase your risk of heart failure by nearly 500 percent.

    Don't rely on drugs to get the rest you need unless you enjoy weird dreams and weirder behavior -- including sleepwalking, sleep-eating, and even sleep-driving. Sleep drugs could even kill you.

    The real secret to a good night's sleep isn't in medication at all -- it's in a few simple steps you can take right now. Douglass Report subscribers got the full scoop in the June 2012 issue.

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