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  1. Natural movements as good as exercise

    Stay active and fit without exercise

    Fitness isn't about sweating, straining and possibly hurting yourself. It's about staying active, vibrant and HAPPY.

    Sex covers all three  -- especially that last one -- but since you can't "do it" all day, let me give you a few runner-ups that will also deliver the health benefits of exercise without the misery of the gym.

    Start by taking care of business in and around the house. Get to work in the garden, get busy in the garage and make sure all the fix-it projects actually get fixed.

    All that activity will keep you upright and out of the grave, with new numbers showing that these and other "active hobbies" can slash your risk of death by 30 percent.

    That's the same benefit as exercise -- and all you have to do is all the things you've been putting off.

    Along with that reduced risk of death, being active will also keep you out of the ambulance, cutting your risk of heart attack and stroke by 27 percent.

    Gym exercise, on the other hand, can actually induce a heart attack or stroke.

    Active hobbies will also help keep your waistline in check, your blood sugar under control and cut the risk of a clot, according to the study of more than 4,000 seniors tracked for an average of 12.5 years.

    Of course, gardening and fix-it projects are just examples here. Anything that keeps you on your feet will do the trick -- whether it's dance lessons, a hike through the hills, golf, tennis or chasing the kids off your lawn.

    Just make sure it's something you like, not something you hate. Staying healthy and alive is about having fun -- not making yourself miserable.

  2. Gardening leads to weight loss

    Stay fit without exercise

    There's a reason I often mention gardening as a way to stay fit without exercise: It works!

    Ladies, you can shed as much as 11 pounds just by getting busy with some broccoli, according to a new study.

    To put that in a more relatable way, that's an entire dress size down.

    And gents, you can do even better if you're willing to get outside and get dirty -- because the same study finds that men who garden are an average of 16 pounds lighter than men who don't.

    That adds up to a 62 percent lower risk of obesity for men -- and for women, that risk is cut nearly in half, according to the study in the Journal of Public Health.

    It's effective because there's no giving up once you start. If you want to see the literal fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, you need to get out into your garden several times a week or more and get to work.

    Compare that to people who cough up big bucks for those gym memberships they never use.

    And while that gym exercise -- when you get around to it -- comes with a risk of everything from injury to joint damage to heart attacks, gardening is (mostly) pleasurable, and can put organic fresh food on your table.

    All gain -- and no pain.

    That said, I don't think the benefits here are unique to gardening.

    These are just the benefits of getting up off your butt and keeping busy -- so if you're not into raising your own carrots or kale or whatever, find something else that'll keep you active without the risks of gym exercise.

    Golf, tennis, hiking, or just a simple walk -- you'll think of something. Then, don't just think it. Like the commercial says, JUST DO IT!

    PS -- And should aches and pains threaten to rain on your garden party just two drops could be all it takes to soothe those twinges fast. Joint pain...muscle aches...bumps and bruises...are all relieved on contact! Click here to learn more from our affiliates at NorthStar Nutritionals.

  3. Less is more when it comes to exercise

    Two workouts a week can be as effective as six -- and no workouts a week can be more effective than all of them if you get movement from natural activity instead.
  4. Hours of sitting leads to disease

    Sitting for four hours or more ups the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death.
  5. Exercises in futility

    A slew of new studies is pumping all my favorite exercise myths -- and rather than go after them one at a time, I'm going to take them all on at once, right here, with one hand tied behind my back (you'll have to trust me on that last bit).

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