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  1. Flu shot causes worse flu

    Increase your flu risk -- get vaccinated!

    Fan of the flu? Well first have your head examined, and then roll up your sleeve and get yourself a flu shot -- because the vaccine can deliver, and deliver big.

    I'm not just talking about the notorious "flu-like" side effects that often follow the shot -- side effects that can be as bad as (or worse than) the flu itself.

    No, I'm talking about rare and deadly flu, even pneumonia -- because new research proves beyond all doubt that the very flu shot your own doctor is almost certainly pushing on you right now could damage your immune response and expose you to more powerful and more dangerous strains of the flu virus.

    Researchers gave pigs a dose of the H1N2 vaccine -- a seasonal flu vaccine -- then exposed them to the H1N1 "swine flu" virus.

    The pigs didn't just get sick. Some went on to develop pneumonia, and some even suffered lung damage, and this wasn't ordinary bad luck at work.

    Blood tests found the H1N2 shot altered the immune response.

    The antibodies that are supposed to attack H1N2 invaders do almost the opposite to the H1N1 -- and in some ways actually helped them to replicate, creating what the researchers call vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease.

    In plain talk, I'd call that Flu-Shot Flu -- a flu CAUSED by the shot itself.

    The study was on pigs, but we don't need more research to know this is true in humans as well.

    We already have it.

    During the "pig panic" of 2009-2010, people conned into seasonal flu shots were up to two and a half times more likely to get swine flu -- and when they did get it, they got sicker from it.

    You can read more about that fiasco right here.

    Throw in the damning fact that the vaccine offers little to no protection against the regular flu, and you'd really have to be certifiable to roll up your sleeve for this shot.

    Fortunately, there are much safer and far more effective ways to make sure you don't get the flu, and Douglass Report readers got all the details in this month's issue.

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  2. Flu shots prevent heart attack? Not really

    New nonsense over flu shots

    Torture numbers enough, and they'll say just about anything you want them to -- and in the latest flu-shot study, the numbers aren't just talking.

    They're screaming for mercy!

    The study claims the flu shot can cut the risk of heart attack by nearly half... but only in middle-aged people, and specifically only in middle-aged people with narrow arteries.

    What next -- flu shots will prevent stroke, but only on Tuesdays, and only if you stand on one leg?

    I'm only half kidding here, because if the study REALLY proved that a flu shot could prevent heart attacks in anyone, for any reason, on any day of the week, I'd be the first one talking it up.

    But in reality, the study proves no such thing at all.

    The way to make this case -- the only way to make this case, short of a clinical trial (which this wasn't) -- is to compare two very similar groups of people.

    But they couldn't have found more different groups of people if they tried (and who knows... maybe they did).

    The heart attack patients were younger, with most of them between the ages of 40 and 65. The comparison group of patients with no history of heart attack, on the other hand, was almost entirely seniors.

    Already, that's enough to disqualify the study.

    But there's more -- because the heart attack group was also in poorer health to begin with.

    Those are two HUGE disqualifiers -- and I'm not done yet. I've saved the biggest one for last, and that's the fact that the study was sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline and that several authors have financial ties to nearly every major flu-shot manufacturer, including GSK, Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, CSL and Pfizer.

    Looks like Big Pharma got its money's worth from this one.

    Expect to hear a whole lot more of this type of nonsense as flu season gets under way. What you won't hear much is the truth -- and the truth is, the shot doesn't work.

    But you don't need a shot to beat the flu anyway. All you really need are my Top Three Flu Busters, which you'll find in this month's issue of my Douglass Report newsletter.

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  4. The ethics of the flu shot

    Flu shots don’t prevent transmission of flu – and a medical ethicist who claims you need a shot to protect those around you is full of serum.
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