New guidelines will end BP meds for millions

I've been telling you for years to ditch your BP meds -- but if you've been too afraid to do so because my advice is "unofficial," here's your chance: You now have the OFFICIAL blessing to toss your meds in most cases.

New guidelines hot off the presses confirm that BP meds won't prevent a heart attack ... won't stop a stroke ... and won't save your life, at least in people over the age of 60.

Yes, just what I've been saying all along.

And while it's nice to see my time-tested wisdom finally confirmed in the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the new guidelines still fall short of the change we really need.

First, they apply only to the over-60 crowd -- so if you're 59 or younger, your doc will still try to shove the meds down your throat even though you don't need them any more than older folks do.

And second, the guidelines don't do away with the drugs completely, even for seniors. They just change the threshold for medication from 140/90 to 150/90 -- so while millions of seniors will be taken off the meds, many will be told to keep taking them.

But the science on this is clear, and the science shows these drugs do zip across all ages and BP levels. One major study I told you about not too long ago confirmed it, showing the drugs fail by the single most important measure of any drug: They don't save lives.

Surprised? Don't be -- because in most cases, high blood pressure is a non-condition that does not need to be treated, especially at the levels that mark stage 1 hypertension.

There are times when your blood pressure will rise because of a problem in the body. Sometimes, it may even be a warning of a potentially serious health condition -- but in those cases, you still don't need a drug to bring your BP levels down.

You need a doc with the smarts to figure out the cause and the best way to fix it.

I recommend an experienced naturopathic physician, ideally a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.