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  1. When a 'brain fart' is really dementia

    Seniors can tell when cognitive decline is setting in

    There's no single test for dementia -- but that hasn't stopped the "experts" from charging an arm and a leg to tell you whether or not you have the condition.

    And the dirty secret of gerontology is that these "experts" are wrong nearly as often as they're right. (It's true! Read all about it here.)

    So put your wallet away, because I'm going to save you some time and money today. The best person for detecting the onset of cognitive decline and dementia isn't a doctor, and it's not some pricey specialist.

    It's YOU.

    You know when you're slipping better than anyone else -- and a new study confirms it. Researchers scanned the brains of 131 seniors, including a set of seniors worried that they might be starting to slip, but who had no outward signs of the condition.

    Turns out they had a good reason to be worried: The scans revealed higher levels of beta-amyloid, a protein linked to dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

    Now, it's easy to go nuts over this and think you're literally losing your mind with every little brain fart, burp and hiccup.


    There's a difference between the normal slips that come with age and real decline -- a difference you'll know if you ever experience it.

    Some of the big signs to watch for include being confused by easy tasks, having trouble understanding a book or TV show and getting lost in familiar places.

    But even if you experience some of those warning signs... even if you KNOW your memory is starting to slip... even if you're SURE cognitive decline is starting to set in, don't panic.

    First, many cases of memory loss and even cognitive decline don't lead to dementia.

    And second, there's an easy way to slow, stop and reverse dementia when it does strike -- and it's an ordinary blend of B vitamins.

    This stuff is so effective and so powerful that drug companies are looking for a way to jack up the price and sell it as a prescription medication.

    But you don't have to wait, and you don't have to pay big bucks -- because you can get this blend right now on the cheap at any corner pharmacy.

    I had the groundbreaking science -- including the exact doses used in research -- in the September 2012 edition of my Douglass Report newsletter. Sign up today, and you'll get full access to that and all my other back issues online.

  2. Videogames can reverse brain aging

    Finally! A videogame worth playing

    Most videogames will rot the brain, and if you don't believe me just take a look at some of the dummies playing these things.

    But that's not always the case. Some games can actually PROTECT the brain, reverse cognitive decline, and even restore some of the years lost to the aging process.

    And in one new study, a videogame actually proved to be better than that old standard in brain trainers, the crossword puzzle.

    Seniors were assigned to either do the puzzles -- electronically, rather than on paper -- or play a game called "Road Tour" that involves identifying license plates and road signs with increasing degrees of speed and difficulty.

    The ones who played the game left the ones who did the puzzle in the dust -- they had cognitive improvements equal to between 1.5 years and 7 years of reversed aging, according to the study in PLOS One.

    It's encouraging. Maybe even fun. But don't count on a videogame alone to protect your brain, because you might end up disappointed.

    The real key to preventing and even reversing cognitive decline is in nutrition, and there's one set of vitamins in particular that have proven in multiple studies to help wipe away some of the most visible warning signs of aging and dementia.

    They're B vitamins, and I had all the details -- including the exact doses used in one promising study -- in the September 2012 of my Douglass Report newsletter.

    Subscribers can use the password in this month's issue to login and read it online. Not a subscriber? Not a problem! Sign up now for some of the most brain-stimulating reading around and you'll get complete online access to all my back issues.

    P.S.: The folks who make this game are already playing with your brain. Don't waste your time looking for "Road Tour," because they changed the name to "Double Decision." You can try it for yourself right here.

  3. How fish oil lowers your risk of dementia

    Fish oil can help boost your brainpower and lower your risk of dementia by slashing levels of the beta amyloid proteins linked to the disease.

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