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  1. B blend beats dementia

    B vitamins slow the brain shrink that leads to Alzheimer's

    Yes, my friend, if you want tomorrow's medical breakthroughs today, you know where to look: Right here in the Daily Dose and in the pages of my Douglass Report newsletter.

    I've been telling you for years about the almost miraculous powers of B vitamins to slow, stop, and even reverse dementia.

    Now -- finally -- the mainstream is catching up, with new research confirming that a potent blend of B vitamins can stop the brain shrink that leads to cognitive decline, dementia, and even Alzheimer's disease.

    Ready for the best part? You don't have to wait for some far-off day to get that same protection yourself.

    You can get it RIGHT NOW from the shelf of your local vitamin shop. Look for a B complex with 0.5 milligrams of vitamin B12, 20 milligrams of vitamin B6, and 0.8 milligrams of folic acid.

    This isn't new; these are the same levels I've been urging you to get all along. What is new, however, is the study that backs my advice right down to these actual doses.

    In this one, 156 seniors with mild memory loss and high levels of homocysteine (an inflammation marker linked to dementia and other diseases) were given either a placebo or those three B vitamins.

    The ones who got the placebo saw their brains continue to shrink rapidly, losing a whopping 5.2 percent of brain volume per year -- or right on pace for a date with dementia.

    The ones who got the B vitamins, on the other hand, saw their brain shrink come grinding almost to a halt. They lost 0.6 percent of their volume per year -- or just a hair above the 0.5 percent we see with normal aging.

    The researchers are planning more studies, but if you're worried about cognitive decline or if you're in the early stages of dementia yourself, you don't need to wait for their approval to start loading up on Bs.

    Start today.

    And if you want a look at the future yourself, dig into the past -- sign up for the Douglass Report, then use your password to read the September 2012 issue in my online archives for everything you need to know about B vitamins and brain protection.

  2. When dementia isn't dementia

    New dementia numbers don't add up

    If you want to know why Big Pharma is itching to get its dementia drugs approved, just take a look at the latest numbers: A third of all seniors supposedly die with the disease.

    Not OF the disease, mind you. Just WITH the disease.

    What's the distinction? Glad you asked -- because it's a distinction worth billions of dollars.

    Hit a certain age, and you probably won't be as sharp as you used to be. That's not dementia, just Father Time doing what he does. In addition, most seniors take meds that cause memory loss and confusion.

    But since most docs don't know which is caused by what, they're all told they "might" have dementia. The word "might" is lost in translation -- and from that moment on, they're dementia patients whether they actually have the disease or not.

    So how's that worth billions?

    Well, as I just told you, the next phase of dementia drugs is aimed at people with the earliest stages of the disease. That includes all those millions who "might" have dementia, but in reality don't.

    And all of them will be expected to take these new meds for the rest of their lives.

    All of them... but not YOU. You have me, and I've got two steps you can take right now to help turn your "might" into a "definitely not!"

    First, work with a naturopathic doc to get off any med with brain-robbing side effects (no small order; that's most of the drugs taken by seniors).

    Second, load up on the B vitamins that have been shown to protect the brain, keep dementia away, and stop or even reverse the disease if you do have it.

    Douglass Report readers got the full story on that in the September 2012 issue, including the exact doses used in a promising clinical trial.

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