Nanny State

  1. Fight against the soda tax

    Why sugar taxes don't work

    I don't know about you, but if there's anything that makes me madder than yet another new tax, it's a know-nothing government bureaucrat trying to tell me what to do.

    So maybe that's why taxes on sugary drinks tick me off so much.

    It's not that sugary drinks are good. They're downright awful, and they play a major role in obesity -- so when there's a push to add a 20 percent tax to sugary drinks, as there is right now over in the U.K., some people want to stand up and cheer.

    But hold your applause, because this isn't about making you healthy.

    It's been proven in studies that when sugary drinks are taxed, some soda drinkers just pay more, while others switch to sugar-free diet soft drinks. And studies have shown that diet soda drinkers have a HIGHER risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

    How they're even allowed to call it "diet" is beyond me!

    The Nanny Staters pushing these taxes know all that as well as I do... so like I said, this isn't about your health.

    It's about CONTROL -- and when you let them tax sugar, you're giving THEM control over what YOU eat and drink. And while it might be something vile like sugar today, you know as well as I do it'll be something else tomorrow.

    It'll be the foods you love -- the foods you NEED for good health -- like steak, eggs, salt and butter, taxed right off your dinner table or even banned completely.

    That's why you need to contact your elected officials the moment any of these taxes, bans or restrictions appear on the agenda. Speak up, speak loud and speak against it -- even for something as awful as soda.

  2. City cracks down on milk

    Whole milk under assault in San Jose

    RED ALERT! The Nanny State is at it again with its drink bans -- and this time, they're not stopping with soda.

    Nope... out in the People's Republic of California, one of the state's biggest cities is considering a far-reaching ban on any drink it considers unhealthy -- including soda, sweetened "juice drinks," sports drinks and WHOLE MILK.

    But here's how absurd this is: San Jose's proposed ban would allow juice such as orange juice, despite the fact that even 100 percent fresh-squeezed all-natural organic OJ is as close to sugar water as you could possibly find.

    It's all-natural JUNK... yet it gets to stay, while whole milk has to go.

    Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm no fan of the mass-produced whole milk squeezed out of sickly, mistreated cows, which then has all the best nutrients and friendly bacteria cooked right out of it as part of the pasteurization process.

    I prefer fresh, organic, raw milk -- and you should, too. (To learn more about how science is destroying nature's nearly perfect food... and why raw milk should be the ONLY kind of milk in your refrigerator... click here.)

    But if there's anything worthwhile left in mass-produced milk after pasteurization and processing, it's the FATS -- dairy fats that are essential to human health and positively critical to childhood development.

    Harvard University even admitted that whole milk is better for kids -- and that children given low-fat and skim are actually more likely to turn tubby. (Read more here.)

    But that's almost beside the point anyway. The problem isn't which drink is better and which is worse.

    It's about your right to feed yourself and your family as you see fit -- your right to make your own choices about your health, inside and outside of your home.

    That right is under assault as cities across the country force bans and restrictions on food and drink. They always start with easy targets like soda and sugar, and they always move on to HEALTHY fats and the foods you know are good for you like milk.

    That's why you need to speak up and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT with all your might anytime they try to ban a food or drink.

    Speak up now, my friend -- because if you wait, it'll be much too late.

    I'm not done with the folly of government-mandated food choices yet. Keep reading!

  3. New Nanny State assault on smokers

    Under a new Nanny State plan in Oregon, smokers would have to see a doctor to get a prescription for tobacco.
  4. Supreme Court rules for ObamaCare

    The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of ObamaCare, giving the Nanny State complete control over your health. Here's how you can opt out.
  5. Natural trans fats are GOOD for you

    The Nanny State nonsense over fats just won't stop -- with taxes, restrictions, and even flat-out bans making headlines nearly every week. But if you want to see how meaningless all those rules are regulations are, just take a look at the latest news on trans fats: Women who were put on a diet high in trans fats from butter suffered absolutely no ill effects by any mainstream measure.
  6. Big changes coming to your supermarket

    Big Mother thinks you're too dumb to read a nutritional label -- and since you can't be trusted to make "good" food choices on your own, she's going to do it for you.
  7. The great potato war of 2011

    It's worse than a food fight in a junior high cafeteria: Politicians and bureaucrats are arguing over how many potatoes children should eat.
  8. The 51st state is the Nanny State

    You almost expect the Nanny State takeover in Europe -- they're practically socialists over there anyway. But if you think this can't happen in America, you haven't been paying attention -- because it's already happening.
  9. Health Nazis take control of France

    Just a week after Denmark unveiled its infamous "fat tax," France is announcing a "sin" tax of its own: a dime-a-liter surcharge on sugar-sweetened sodas.

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