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  1. To prevent muscle loss and deadly falls try a steady protein diet

    A steak or a hip break -- you decide

    When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon half a century ago, he said he was taking one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.

    But if you're like a lot of folks with a bit of gray around the temples those small steps you take down the stairs each day can send shivers up your spine.

    That's because you know that one false move on those wobbly legs could send you leaping and tumbling your way to a broken neck or a life-threatening hip fracture.

    If you're tired of digging your fingernails into your bannister... if you can't bear the thought of plunking down thousands for those chair lifts that look like pathetic carnival rides... I've got a cure for your muscle loss that's going to cost you about $1.50 a week.

    And I'll bet it's sitting in your fridge RIGHT NOW!

    Scientists at the University of Texas at Galveston say starting your day with a delicious omelet -- or my favorite, over-easy eggs with a side of bacon -- could have you taking those troublesome stairs two at a time in no time!

    That's because they found that a tasty and steady diet of protein could be the like-magic cure for keeping your muscles steady and rock solid as you age.

    Now, if you've been reading my Daily Dose for a while, I'm hoping this isn't exactly breaking news. I've been singing the praises of a high-protein, fat-rich diet for so long, I should have won a Grammy by now. But if you think just grilling up that sirloin at dinnertime is enough to protect you heart, brain and muscles, it's time to think again.

    Because researchers found that WHEN you get your protein is just as important as how much you eat. Scientists studied the eating habits of adults who were consuming about 90 grams of protein a day, mainly from beef (this was a Texas study, after all).

    Turns out folks who distributed their protein evenly throughout the day -- about 30 grams at each meal -- were building muscles that would have made Charles Atlas jealous. When you load up on protein at every meal, your body is 25% better at distributing it to the muscles and organs that need it most... goodbye muscle loss.

    Plus, a major study found that a high-fat diet can drop your risk of premature aging by a staggering 39%!

    And trading that morning bagel for a poached egg isn't just good for your muscles -- it could be a matter of life and death. Keeping your muscles strong and nourished is the easiest way to prevent dangerous slips and falls, and 20% of folks who break their hips are dead within a year.

    It's time to tune out the vegan, anti-fat nuts and make protein the staple of every meal you eat. Let those health Nazis fall head over heels down the stairs --- you keep falling for some delicious barbecue instead.

  2. Muscle-feeding fat the secret to longer life

    Give me beef or give me death

    What is it about turning 65 that makes folks think you're not interested in food anymore? The waitress at your favorite diner hands you the senior menu with smaller portions... friends start inviting you to brunch, as if breakfast and lunch are no longer two separate meals... and your doctor starts complaining about your weight like you're a jockey preparing for a big race!

    Stop the insanity! Socrates said the unexamined life isn't worth living, but I can assure you that life without good food isn't worth living either.

    And if you've been starving yourself, eating like a bird trying to add a couple of years onto your life, I have the best prescription you've received in a while.

    Fire up the grill and throw on some T-bones! Because a new UCLA study says it's time to stop obsessing about your weight and start focusing on giving your muscles the nutrients they need.

    Researchers followed 3,600 seniors for six years and found that those who maintained the highest levels of muscle mass were less likely to end up croaking like a love-sick toad. In fact, your muscle mass index was FAR more important than your body mass index in determining whether you lived or died.

    That makes sense, because your muscles keep you active and give you the stability you need to prevent dangerous falls. And what your muscles need more than anything as you age is a healthy, daily dose of protein from your favorite meats.

    So, starting today, deep six the dry toast and write off those rice cakes forever. Tomorrow when you walk into that diner, order the three-egg omelet with a side of bacon -- and tell the waitress that from now on, you'll be ordering off the big kid's menu.

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