Milk thistle for prostate cancer

According to a report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, milk thistle may be effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. The flavonoid antioxidant silibinin ("cye-lib'-in-in"), a component of milk thistle, is thought to be the active ingredient. Though I'm encouraged about any possibility of advancement in cancer treatment, I've got a few reservations about the research in this instance.

The report states: "Further evidence to support this concept comes from the observation that more than 75 percent of prostate cancers are androgen-dependent at initial diagnosis." This is hard to accept, since most prostate cancer is diagnosed in men well over 40 when testosterone levels are usually low, rather than high.

The report also states, "Prostate specific antigen (PSA), an important androgen-regulated gene in both normal and cancerous prostate cells, has been shown to be a particularly sensitive marker in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease." This is simply incorrect. The PSA test is unreliable. In this instance, the research suggested that the lower incidence of prostate cancer among people in Asia could be related to a dietary lowering of biologically active androgens - an idea I have a hard time swallowing.

My point here is that the research is based on a false paradigm - that the PSA test is an accurate measurement of prostate cancer activity. If they used the AMA test - Anti-malignin Antibody test, and got favorable results, their work would be more convincing to me.

Milk thistle is widely available in health food stores if you want to try it out for yourself.

Invasion of the baby-snatchers

I knew I'd live to see the day when social workers, those paragons of virtue and family wisdom, would be terrorizing American families. These parasites roam the hospitals and neighborhoods of America looking for child abuse and neglect - while practicing it themselves in vendettas of kidnapping, cruelty and abuse. It's a national, government-sponsored racket involving coercion, bribery and blackmail (or worse) sponsored by taxpayers like us. You'll find these stories hard to believe, but they're all too true

Earlier this month, the state awarded a Massachusetts mother, Diana Ross (not the singer), with a $260,000 settlement after her 5-year old son was killed by his foster family's 150-pound Rottweiller. As if that's not bad enough, Ross continues to battle for custody of her remaining children - her four-year-old son and the baby she delivered in August that was seized by the Massachusetts Department of Social Services the day after he was born. Ross' attorney, Gregory Hession, said the snatch from the hospital could be an act of retribution for the mother's wrongful death suit. "Could be" retribution?

But the state's campaign of vengeance against Ross doesn't end there. Consider this: Her two abducted sons have been placed out for adoption, with a pair of homosexual men. Said Ross, "I told DSS I didn't want that. I said I think the boys should bond with their mother, not with gay men. They told me I have no say in the matter."

Now, I know not all foster parents are monsters, but keep in mind that statistics show that foster-care children are twice as likely to suffer physical and sexual abuse as children in the general population. Here's something else to keep in mind: these child protection rackets are totally funded by state and local governments. That's right, your tax dollars. The foster parents are paid the equivalent of a "jailer's fee" by the county or state.

But the children aren't the only ones in danger, apparently. A Colorado Springs woman, Sandi Dykes, was sexually assaulted by her caseworker, Atilno Soltero. After she filed charges, the state counter-attacked by snatching her five young children, claiming that her house was dirty. (Oh, the tragedy!) This conveniently gave the state enough leverage to blackmail her by agreeing to drop the unfit-mother charge if she would drop the case against her attacker.

Space doesn't permit me to relate any more stories of our government's preposterous arrogance and lust for power when it comes to our children. But believe me, these types of abuses happen regularly across our country nowadays. It's like something out of a George Orwell novel, isn't it? Welcome to the future.