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  1. Prostate treatment causes penis shrink

    The treatment that will shrink your penis

    Prostate cancer almost certainly won't kill you -- but the treatment's another story. And if you undergo prostate cancer treatment yourself, you could face a potential side effect that many men might consider even worse than death.

    It's the dreaded shrink. And yes, I mean a shrink "down there."

    One new study finds that between 2.6 percent and 3.7 percent of men find they have a smaller penis after prostate cancer treatment, but the real numbers are certainly much higher.

    None of the men in the study were actually asked about penis size, they actually volunteered it -- and how many men do you think would volunteer that kind of information?

    I'm surprised anyone did at all!

    Other studies have put the number closer to 70 percent. In other words, only a third of men DON'T experience shrinkage.

    On the other hand, penis shrink is the least of your worries. And if some men don't notice the change in size, it's because they're dealing with much worse problems -- including a limp and leaky penis.

    And for far too many men, this one-two punch of impotence and incontinence is lasting and even permanent.

    But you don't have to put your manhood on the line to save your prostate. Most of these cancers are 100 percent harmless and need no treatment at all -- which is why even mainstream health officials have (slowly) come around to my way of thinking and no longer recommend screening.

    And if you do need treatment, you've got much better options than drugs, surgery and radiation. Work with a naturopathic doc to find a treatment option right for you.

  2. Party for your health

    Nights out can boost your health

    Here's a prescription for you. Get the guys together, hit the town and raise a little heck -- because it's not just fun.

    It's absolutely critical to your health and wellbeing!

    Turns out hanging out with your pals, having some drinks and horsing around is actually one of the best things you can do for your body, according to the latest research.

    Get together with four other buddies at least twice a week, and you'll enjoy better health and a stronger immune system -- giving you the power to fight off illness. You might even be more generous, according to the study.

    If there's one caveat here, it's that the study was funded by Guinness -- as in the beer company -- and of course they want men to go out and do more "guy stuff" since "guy stuff" almost always includes generous amounts of beer.

    But don't dismiss it, either.

    First, when guys get together for a back-slapping good time -- whether it's in a pub, a pool hall, or out on the links-- all that good cheer gets your body producing stress-busting endorphins.

    That, in turn, helps improve your health and fight disease.

    And second, even that pint of Guinness has a role here, because a moderate booze habit of any kind -- liquor, beer or wine -- can protect the heart and brain, improve your overall health and even increase your longevity.

    So if you were looking for an excuse to grab the guys and hoist a pint or two, here it is: Tell your wife you're doing it for your health.

    If that doesn't work, say you're doing it for HER health... because getting rid of you for a few hours will certainly improve her sanity.

  3. How to save $12 billion without even trying

    We waste $12 billion a year on unnecessary prostate cancer screenings and treatments. Ditch the PSA test, and we'll get all that money back.
  4. Men don't need more estrogen

    A new study claims men may need more estrogen -- but don't believe it for a second.
  5. Conflict of interest in radiation treatments

    Some docs push an expensive form of radiation on men with prostate cancer not because it's safe or effective. It's neither. It's because they make big money off it.
  6. Coffee slashes prostate risk

    Coffee can slow the progression of prostate cancer and cut the risk of a recurrence, according to new research.
  7. You likely don't need prostate surgery!

    Most low-grade prostate tumors never grow enough to turn deadly, according to new research.
  8. Prostate tumors are often harmless

    What you don't know can't always hurt you -- and that's especially true when it comes to prostate cancer.
  9. Deadly erections? Sex meds make it possible

    New numbers show a sharp rise in priapism -- or an erection that just won't go away. It's a painful condition that can require emergency treatment with a scalpel.
  10. Omega-3s won't boost your cancer risk

    A new study claims fish oil supplements can increase the risk of cancer -- but the study didn't look at fish oil supplements at all. Get the truth about omega-3s right here.

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