Forced vaccination is no shot in the arm for Connecticut kids

It's been three years since the Nutmeg State started telling parents they couldn't send Johnny and Suzie to preschool until they got their flu shots. This forced vaccination program isn't just a gross violation of your rights that would have made George Orwell cringe -- Connecticut's own data PROVES it's been a dismal failure.

Politicians are trying to turn this dung heap into a rose bush by claiming that 12% fewer young kids have been hospitalized with flu since the law took effect. Well, maybe my math is a little bit off, but shouldn't making every darn kid in the state roll up his sleeve for a shot lead to a 100% reduction in hospitalizations -- not just a measly 12%?

And here's the worst part. Even the state's flu vaccine cheerleaders admit they can't prove the paltry 12% dip had ANYTHING to do with the flu vaccine.

That's right, there's not a shred of evidence. This is a propaganda program the Soviets would have been proud of. And if you think making kids sit through a little flu shot isn't a big deal, consider this:

Where does it end?

If our government can force your kid to get a vaccination so worthless that it failed more than 90% of the time for some groups last year, you'd better believe the gate has swung WIDE OPEN for countless other forced vaccines.

What's to stop the government from making your daughter submit to the HPV vaccine Gardasil, which has been linked to epilepsy as well as dozens of deaths around the world? Or the Meningococcal vaccine, which can trigger everything from pneumonia to immune system disorders?

These vaccines are more dangerous than a cornered rattlesnake, but they're BOTH more effective than the flu vaccine. So you'd better believe vaccination supporters will be trying to shoot them into your kid next.

Your personal liberty... you're very right to make the best health care choices for your children and grandchildren... is at stake. Next time Election Day rolls around, make sure you know exactly where your local, state, and national reps stand on forced vaccination -- and don't give them a shot at office until you know they won't force your kiddo into getting a shot in the arm.