Viagra for jet lag?

Yesterday I told you about a study I came across that links Viagra to infertility. That's a problem that might not be an issue for all of the baby boomers out there just looking to ride out their golden years with pleasure, but it could present more than a slight problem for younger men who are taking it "just for fun."

For all the good it may or may not do, Viagra is NOT something to be taken lightly. Not for enhancement purposes, and certainly not for what Argentinean researchers are suggesting it could alleviate now

Jet lag.

When researchers injected hamsters with sildenafil, the rodents recovered 25 percent more quickly from the equivalent of a six-hour flight to the east.

Well whooptie-do.

The researchers went on to say that sildenafil could work as well as the sleep hormone, melatonin. But what I'm wondering is, if sildenafil works as well as melatonin, a NATURAL solution for sleep disorders that are often associated with jet lag and shift work, why not just stick with the safer - and less expensive - option?

Especially since the researchers also said that they have no idea what potential impact this could have on humans. Why even put the idea out there?

And in other Viagra-related news

The Brazilian wandering spider could very well give ED drugs a run for their money. It's no secret that the poisonous bite of this not-so-little arachnid gives its victims an uncomfortable erection that lasts for hours.

But it wasn't until recently that scientists were able to isolate the chemical in the spider's venom that induces that particular reaction. It's called Tx2-6, and it works by triggering the body's production of nitric oxide, the body's signal to hoist the sails.

Because it works differently than Viagra and other ED drugs on the market right now,
researchers are hopeful that a synthetic version of this compound could eventually be used in conjunction with Viagra to "amplify" its effect.

In the meantime, bypass the little blue pill and grab these natural solutions instead to give your love life a lift. Here are a few that should get you started:

1.)Vitamin E. Since vitamin E has proven abilities to help increase circulation, and impotence is often caused by reduced blood flow, increasing your intake could help. Try taking 400 IUs of vitamin E daily.
2.)Zinc. This nutrient is essential to the proper functioning of the male reproductive system. Take 25-50 mg daily.
3.)Ginseng. The root can improve testosterone production and give an overall feeling of well-being. Take 4-6 capsules per day.
4.)Eat more fish. Fish oil can increase blood flow, helping in cases where decreased blood flow is the problem.
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