1. Where’s the beef in your meat?

    If this won't convince you to switch to organic meat, nothing will

    If we are what we eat, millions of us are due for an old-fashioned identity crisis.

    Because we're starting to learn about a new trend that proves that much of what we eat is a fraud.

    And a new book blows the lid off what we're really eating versus what we think we're eating.

    But we're just starting to learn about a frightening trend that may make much of the food you eat a fraud -- and a new book blows the lid off what you're really eating versus what you think you're eating.

    The title says it all: Sorting the Beef From the Bull.

    Three or four years ago, you may have heard the term "horsegate" in the headlines, when burgers and ready-to-make meals sold in the UK conveniently neglected to mention that they contained horse DNA (and, in one case, a significant amount of it).

    While we'd love to believe that this was an exception and not the rule, the evidence is piling up to the contrary.

    According to the new book, Florida researchers discovered in 1995 that more than 16 percent of the products tested contained at least some undeclared meat.

    Another study in 2006 found that at least 22 percent of the processed meats they tested (like sausage and salami) were not what they appeared to be. For instance, 11 of the 28 supposedly "beef" sausages actually contained chicken... and ONLY chicken.

    Now, it's possible that there's some cross-contamination happening when only traces of other animal meat are found where they're not supposed to be. After all, a lot of these processing plants produce lots of products from a variety of animals -- and if the machines aren't cleaned properly between each use (and you know they're probably not), it's possible you might be getting some "leftovers" that you didn't bargain for.

    Maybe mistakes like that can be forgivable (MAYBE), but other contaminations are downright premeditated! Last year, 70 percent of U.S. chickens were found to contain ARSENIC -- because an animal drug containing it had been added to their feed by farmers. Although the FDA ended up ordering chicken farmers to use less arsenic-based drugs, the meat on the market now may still include more of this poison than you should stomach.

    If that doesn't convince you to switch your diet to a natural one, I don't know what will.

    First of all, don't stop eating meat altogether -- just make sure it's natural and organic, without use of antibiotics, hormones, or POISON. Choose meats that come on the bone rather than in a tube. They're more nutritious, and they're more likely to actually be what they say they are.

    With the Paleo Diet, you can take a "back to nature" approach to eating -- including plenty of meats that are what they say they are, just like our "caveman" ancestors did when they hunted and gathered their own meals.

    That way you can make sure nothing is mixed with your meat -- intentionally or unintentionally.

    You don't know if that's beef: The animals mixed into your meat might shock -- and disgust -- you

    New book on fraud sorts the beef from the bull

    Finally! The FDA Admits That Nearly Over 70% of U.S. Chickens Contain Cancer-Causing Arsenic

    How could FDA approve arsenic as safe for consumption in an animal intended for food?

    "Horsegate" scandal at rivals was inevitable - Waitrose

  2. Feds' massive meat foul-up expands to 35 states

    USDA screw-up could sicken 70% of America

    When Thomas Jefferson plunked down $15 million for the Louisiana Purchase, he doubled the size of America overnight.

    Well, Jefferson's got nothing on today's feds, because somehow, these incompetent boobs managed to turn a supposed four-state outbreak into a 35 state crises in the blink of an eye.

    And they may not be finished by a longshot!

    Remember when your kid did laundry for the first time? There was soap on the floor, water everywhere, and I bet he looked you right in the eye and said, "I've got this under control." Well, that was the same kind of nonsense the feds asked us to swallow when they let 9 million pounds of diseased-laced, cancer-riddled beef into the market this year.

    As I told you a couple weeks ago, the USDA "forgot" to inspect a year's supply of meat from one of the largest processors in the West -- but they pinky promised the outbreak was limited to a few states... four AT MOST. Of course, every sane person knew they were lying through their teeth, and now they're being forced to admit it.

    The recall of Rancho Feeding beef has reached 35 states -- we're talking 70% of America -- and the feds are scrambling to pull steaks off the shelves before you start feeling like dead meat yourself. Some of the diseased beef may have even made its way into Hot Pockets, a true tragedy for unemployed 20-somethings living in their parents' basements. (Maybe we shouldn't tell them.)

    Be sure to check with your local grocer and make sure he's gotten this poison out of his shop. Better yet, start buying only local organic beef instead. That way you can inspect the cows for yourself if you feel like it -- because it's clearer than ever that our days of trusting those meatheads in the government are over for good.

    Starting a "beef" with bad beef,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  3. Researchers find that we can smell dietary fat in food

    Those vegan meat haters are looking to get your nose out of joint -- literally! Researchers say they may be on the verge of using phony scents to trick you into eating less of the meat and dietary fat you need to keep your brain sharp, ward off heart disease, and control your weight.
  4. Meat causes heart disease? Don't believe it!

    A new study claims a compound in meat causes heart disease -- while another new study finds that same compound will actually protect the heart. Get the truth here.
  5. Protein may help diabetics heal

    The nutrients in meat can cure just about anything -- and new research shows they can even help close non-healing wounds.
  6. How animal fats and nutrients keep your brain functioning

    The B vitamins found in meats are proven again to be the best natural source of brain protection around.
  7. 'Meat glue' turns nasty old beef scraps into steaks

    If you thought pink slime was bad, wait 'til you hear about the 'meat glue' used to turn ratty old scraps of meat into steaks and filets.
  8. 'Pink slime' back on the menu

    "Pink slime" is one of the meat industry's most disgusting creations ever -- and the more people learn about it, the more companies turn away from it. But thanks to the meat industry's friends in high places there's one place where pink slime is still on the menu every single day: school cafeterias.
  9. Dirty tricks from dirty farms

    The Big Food producers are sick and tired of all those embarrassing photos and videos of abusive and disturbing practices at their factory farms, and they're finally ready to do something about it.
  10. Red meat 'study' is more lies in disguise

    Another day, another phony attack on red meat.

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