1. Candy companies smell sweet cash in cocoa craze

    Sugar slingers getting sweet on natural cocoa

    Any time I hear a gal claiming that chocolate is a substitute for sex, I have to hit her with some bad news.

    She's not doing it right.

    No, chocolate can't do EVERYTHING, friend, but it can do plenty. Specifically, raw, real cocoa controls inflammation and can tackle everything from brain-robbing dementia to heart disease.

    Well, leave it to the corporate fat cats to try to make a buck off something Mother Nature has already perfected. And you won't BELIEVE who is trying to cash in on the cocoa health craze.

    The Mars candy company has patented a way to extract cocoa and stuff it into tiny capsules, and these modern-day Willy Wonkas are even working with scientists on a study to up the dose.

    Hey, if you want to trust your health to the company that brought us the Snickers bar, knock yourself out. There are plenty of funeral homes that will be happy to take ten grand from your grieving widow.

    You have to hand it to them, though. Before long, Mars will have one division that could give you heart disease with their sugar-loaded garbage (which is NOT the same thing as natural cocoa), and another that could cure it. Talk about a brilliant business plan!

    When it comes to cocoa, I'm not just the latest doc jumping on the bandwagon. I'm the guy who backed the bandwagon out of the garage. For decades I've been recommending cocoa to my patients, and watched as it helped quite a few of them roll back the odometers on their health.

    It can do the same for you, and you don't even need to wait for those sugar-slingers at Mars to perfect their little cocoa capsule. You can grab real cocoa today at any health food store near you.


  2. A monopoly on bad advice

    ADA pushes for complete control over nutrition industry

    You can't even lift a steak knife anymore without some Health Nazi trying to yank it out of your hands and replace it with a salad fork.

    Fat bans... sin taxes... salt regulations -- enough's enough!

    It's time to grab your steak knife and fight back -- and I'm going to tell you how every Friday by exposing the latest threats to your food freedom rights.

    And I'm going to start with the very "experts" trying to replace your steak with tofu: The chocolate-loving, soda-slurping, packaged-food-hawking know-nothings of the American Dietetic Association.

    The ADA is a leading backer of the disastrous low-fat, plant-based diet that has led directly to the obesity epidemic, not to mention mass illness and disease -- but it gets worse.

    This organization also collects cash from -- and forms partnerships with -- some of the worst names in food: Mars, Nestle, Hershey, General Mills, and ConAgra, to name a few.

    Think that's bad? They've even got both Coke AND Pepsi on board.

    The ADA might not think much of steak -- but it seems like they're fine with Cheetos. Maybe you can sprinkle them on your salad and cover the whole thing in Hershey's syrup.

    Somehow, despite being in the sack with the entire junk food industry, they're not only allowed to dish out dietary advice -- they're being handed COMPLETE CONTROL over it.

    Bills are making their way through state legislatures that would put the ADA in charge of ALL licensing for dietitians and nutritionists.

    You could be the world's leading nutrition expert -- but if you don't pass the ADA test, pay their fee, and get on board with their Hershey-approved message, you wouldn't get to call yourself a nutritionist or even practice as one.

    Right now, they're aggressively lobbying in California, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, and Colorado -- and if you live in any of those states and want to make sure REAL nutritionists have the freedom to practice without the ADA's tainted blessing, you need to act now.

    You don't have to occupy a park, chant, sing, or march on your capital -- just visit the Web site of the Alliance for Natural Health. With just a couple of clicks, you can send a message straight to your lawmakers... and let them know where they can stick the ADA's salad fork.

    And for more on why groups like the ADA are DEAD WRONG on fats, keep reading.

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