1. Mammograms proven to cause over-treatment

    Every time I see a rally of breast cancer "survivors" marching around with their pink ribbons and passing out "SAVE THE TA-TAS" bumper stickers, I feel downright awful for them.

    These women are survivors all right... but they're not just cancer survivors.

    They're fraud survivors too, but if you try to tell them that you better be able to run fast.

    They DON'T want to hear it, and nothing you say will convince them of the fact that nearly all of them were given aggressive treatments they never needed for tumors that never would've hurt them.

    They're too busy passing out fliers for mammograms, which is how this whole swindle begins.

    You've heard me say that plenty over the years. Now, the latest research proves it, and this new 10-year study isn't some out-there paper from the fringe. It comes from two of the nation's top universities, Harvard and Dartmouth, and was published in one of the most influential journals of all, JAMA Internal Medicine.

    The team did something that had never been done before, looking at cancer rates in counties across the nation -- comparing counties with aggressive mammogram programs where people are screened more frequently to those with fewer mammograms.

    If mammograms REALLY worked, then every single county with a higher rate of screenings should have a lower rate of cancer deaths years later, right?

    Well, that's not what happened at all.

    In fact, the death rate didn't budge despite the fact that a 10 percent rise in screening led to 16 percent more cancers diagnoses and 25 percent more small tumors found.

    The researchers say the study is proof of the "widespread overdiagnosis" of breast cancer thanks to frequent mammograms -- and you know the other side of that widespread overdiagnosis coin is widespread overtreatment.

    That means surgical butchery... toxic drugs... poisonous chemo... radiation... and all the stress, stress, stress, STRESS that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

    And it's all for nothing.

    The Pink Ribbon Mafia isn't backing down anytime soon. Even in the face of the new study, they've been out urging women to get mammograms anyway.

    They don't let the facts stand in their way.

    But if you really want to "SAVE THE TA-TAS," pass on the mammograms -- and while you're at it, ditch the pink ribbon, too.

  2. Study finds mammograms won't add a day to your life

    Decades of mammogram lies exposed

    Vladimir Lenin, the king of the commies himself, used to share his propaganda secret with anyone who'd listen. It was perfectly simple, he'd claim -- a lie told often enough becomes the truth.

    Well, the Russkies may want to take a peek inside that zillion-dollar mausoleum they built for their dear comrade, and make sure he didn't sit up and zombie-walk his way right out of Red Square.

    Because right now, from sea to shining sea, America is infested with a filthy, piece of propaganda that's being told to MILLIONS of women each year. It's being drilled into the heads of every wife, mother and daughter you know by mainstream medicine flunkies who've been telling this lie for so long they couldn't even recognize the truth any more if they tried.

    And this isn't some harmless white lie, either... it's a real whopper that's turning mainstream docs into millionaires while leaving the gals you love at grave risk for becoming deader than disco.

    A massive study out of Canada has finally exposed the billion dollar mammogram industry for what it really is... more worthless than a screen door on a submarine. Researchers studied 90,000 women for 25 years and concluded there's not a single shred of evidence that mammograms will add even a day to your life.

    Women between the ages of 40 and 59 were assigned to receive either regular mammograms or simple, radiation-free breast exams. And guess what? The death rate was EXACTLY THE SAME for both groups.

    Now I can already hear the hue and cry being raised from the feminists who claim that it was a mammogram that saved Aunt Sally's life. My answer to these militant mammogram lovers is always the same -- how do you know?

    The truth is, many breast tumors detected by mammography are so small and harmless that they'll NEVER threaten your life. In fact, Canadian researchers say countless women in their study were exposed to chemotherapy and surgery they never needed!

    The truth is, mammograms aren't lifesavers -- they're killers. It was just a couple years ago that I told you about a study that found that the radiation in mammograms increase some women's risk of breast cancer by a staggering 62%!

    Mammograms aren't a modern marvel -- they're a radioactive death ray to the chest, and study after study has proven it. So if there's a gal in your life who's being pressured by her doctor to sit for a mammogram, try sitting her down for something else instead -- a healthy dose of truth.

    Unlike that mammogram, IT just may save her life.

  3. Multivitamins beat breast cancer

    Taking a multivitamin with minerals can slash your breast cancer risk by nearly a third.
  4. Discount mammograms are no bargain

    Mammograms are a bad idea at any price -- and they're an even worse idea when they're offered for free.
  5. Cancer false positives ruin women's lives

    False positives from mammograms can scar women almost as badly as an actual cancer.
  6. Mammograms fail to save lives, but ruin plenty

    Early detection hasn't saved many lives -- but it's ruined plenty. New numbers show mammograms have caused 1.3 million unnecessary breast cancer treatments.
  7. New mammogram packs double the radiation

    Doctors are pushing new "3-D" mammograms that packs double the radiation -- and that could mean double the risk of a cancer caused by the screening.
  8. Don't trust current treatment guidelines

    If medicine was a sport, it'd be the dirtiest game in town -- one where rules are manufactured on the fly by refs with a stake in the outcome.
  9. The high-tech mammogram scam

    Let's get this out there right off the bat: Mammograms have always been about making money, not saving lives. Doubt me at your own risk on this one, ladies, but the numbers speak for themselves. And the newest numbers scream "SCAM" as loud as they can.
  10. Mammogram madness

    The ACOG must be banking on the fact that most people are completely ignorant of studies like this one, because in their latest set of guidelines, they say that women need to start lining up for mammograms once they're "over the hill" -- no matter what.

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