Just walk into a GNC these days… or the supplement aisle at Wal-Mart… and you’ll get DIZZY.  

There are THOUSANDS of different formulations on the market right now – and knowing what you need can be tough.  

But there’s one supplement that’s proven to protect your muscles… bones… blood sugar levels… heart… and MUCH more. 

The only problem? 

Most folks have never heard a THING about it.  

The FORGOTTEN natural cure 

Lysine doesn’t get a lot of press… but it is what we call an “essential” amino acid. 

If you don’t have enough of it, your body simply WON’T WORK. 

This tiny protein builder is important for many bodily functions – here are eight of them: 

  1. Supports normal muscle growth.  
  1. Can be transformed into the amino acid carnitine, which is used for fat metabolism, heart health, brain function, and muscular function.   
  1. Helps stop the herpes virus from replicating by blocking another amino acid called arginine, which the herpes virus needs to survive and multiply.  
  1. Can reduce the duration of cold sores significantly. (People generally take around 1 gram of lysine to protect against outbreaks.) 
  1. Reduces anxiety. A recent study found that lysine blocked receptors involved in the stress response. Patients that took 2.64 grams of lysine and saw reduced cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. 
  1. Increases calcium absorption and retention. Using lysine to help extract all the calcium from green leafy vegetables is a great way to protect your bones WITHOUT having to take more calcium pills, which can be harmful. 
  1. Improves collagen production. Collagen is important in your body for joint health, the formation of new blood vessels, wound healing, and bone health. 
  1. Early studies show that lysine may also help with cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure! 

You can find lysine in meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, and pork. 

Fish like salmon, snapper, mackeral, halibut, Pollock, sea bass, haddock, and cod are all good sources, too. 

But to make sure you’re getting enough, supplementing is probably your best bet. You can find lysine easily online or at local stores… and you can buy it for just pennies a day.