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  1. Tackle lung cancer with this 3-step offensive play

    If you smoke cigarettes… or even if you’ve already quit… your doc won’t just warn you about the risk.

    He’ll insist on screening you for this deadly disease.

    And if he finds ANYTHING that even MIGHT be cancer, he’ll also insist on treating you.

    But here’s the problem: He’ll neglect to mention that mainstream medicine’s “search and destroy” methods can leave you in worse shape than ever.

    They may not even be necessary in the first place… especially when there are three natural alternatives than can TACKLE any cancer that might be lurking in your lungs!

    In a recent study published in JAMA, researchers found that regardless of how often or how long patients had smoked, ALL of the doctors involved recommended screening for lung cancer.

    That’s not surprising.

    But in the study, MOST of those docs DIDN’T tell their patients about the risks of lung cancer screening!

    Your doc may not be any different.

    So, here’s what he may not tell you: You might not even need treatment in the first place.

    You see, doctors screen for lung cancer by using CT scans to find nodules in your lungs.

    These clumps of irregular cells form when cigarette smoke inflames your lung tissue.

    But it’s hard for docs to determine if these nodules are cancerous.

    And many of them AREN’T.

    In fact, researchers in another study found that 67 percent of lung cancer scans are false positives.

    That’s right – your doc WON’T tell you that in many folks, lung cancer is OVERDIAGNOSED.

    But that’s not all.

    Because a cancer caught by the screening could be so slow-growing that it might’ve NEVER caused a problem.

    That’s the second risk your doc is HIDING from you… OVERTREATMENT.

    Once he finds a nodule in your lungs, he’ll put you under the knife to remove it. And that’s WITHOUT knowing if it’s actually cancerous.

    Of course, ANY surgery is risky, especially as you age.

    The anesthesia can do a number on your brain… the incision site can get infected… and the hospital stay can leave you CRAWLING with superbugs!

    Now, if you’ve ever smoked, your doc may try to convince you that this is a case of “better-safe-than-sorry.”

    But statistics show that HUNDREDS of folks have to get tested for MANY years to save just ONE life.

    If you’re still puffing away at those “cancer sticks,” you know you need to quit to protect yourself from lung cancer. That’s a good defense.

    But here’s your OFFENSIVE strategy for beating beat back lung cancer:

    1. An herb called honokiol (HNK), which is extracted from the bark of a magnolia tree, can KILL cancer cells and KEEP them from GROWING and SPREADING.
    2. Compounds called salvestrols can MELT cancer away. Take 12 mg in supplement form.
    3. Eat six to eight daily servings of colorful fruits and vegetables, which also contain salvestrols.

    And if you don’t actually have lung cancer (or any other type), they won’t do you a BIT of HARM!

  2. Pomegranate juice beats back lung cancer

    This sweet sip makes cancer go up in smoke

    If you've been reading my eTips for a while, you know that I've made it my mission to discover healing ingredients from all over the world -- and to share what I find with you.

    And though I frequently travel to new lands, sometimes what I find is more about the natural healing wonders we already know about.

    For instance, take the pomegranate -- an ancient, seed-filled fruit from the Middle East, where it's long been a symbol of abundance, fertility, and long life.

    In recent years, research has found that the fruit can improve your heart health, blood pressure, and cholesterol... protect your brain from Alzheimer's... and slow down the aging process inside your muscles.

    And now, a new study shows that pomegranates can even breathe new life into your lungs -- by guarding against lung cancer!

    If you're a smoker... or even if you've ever smoked cigarettes but have since quit... you'll want to keep reading.

    In the study out of Lebanon -- which is prime pomegranate-growing territory -- mice were exposed to cigarette smoke five days a week for five months. Some of them were given pomegranate juice, while others weren't.

    Four months later, the pomegranate group of mice had less lung damage than mice who hadn't gotten the juice.

    More specifically, the pomegranate-drinkers had fewer "nodules," which are the clumps of irregular cells that form when cigarette smoke inflames your delicate lung tissue, in their lungs.

    That's good news -- because over time, those nodules can transform into cancerous tumors.

    That means that the mice who drank pomegranate juice also slashed their risk of lung cancer!

    The theory is that plant compounds called polyphenols guard against the oxidative stress and DNA damage that smoking wallops your lungs with.

    And this isn't the first time we've heard about pomegranates' anti-cancer potential: Previous studies have shown that the juice can stop cancer from spreading to other parts of your body.

    Right now, we're at the tail end of pomegranate season in North America (it runs from about September until February), but you can find pomegranate juice in most grocery stores year-round. Just make sure it's 100 percent juice and not loaded with sugars or fillers.

    You can also buy whole pomegranates and crack them open to harvest the seeds... or just buy the seeds on their own in the organic aisle of your local grocer or farmer's market.

    Sprinkle some of those little "jewels" onto a salad or into Greek yogurt for a pop of color and a juicy burst of natural sweetness.

    And given that fresh pomegranates are still "exotic" in some parts of the country, an alternative is pomegranate supplements in capsule form, which you should be able to find at your local health food store or online.

  3. High-carb diet linked to lung cancer

    Some carbs can increase your lung cancer risk 49 percent, even if you’ve never smoked.
  4. New study confirms cancer causing chemicals found in soft drinks

    The caramel coloring 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel) has been linked to aggressive lung cancer -- so why do greedy soda companies keep shoveling it into our colas? A new report shows some sodas carrying levels of 4-Mel at 12 times the safe limit!
  5. Many lung tumors can be ignored

    Up to a fifth of all lung cancers -- including tumors usually treated -- grow so slowly they can be safely ignored and left untreated, according to a new study.
  6. How chemo makes cancer deadlier

    Chemotherapy can actually help tumors spread and grow -- making them more likely to kill you.
  7. The REAL cause of lung cancer

    If you're at all concerned about lung cancer, stop worrying about your tobacco habit -- and start worrying about your zip code instead.
  8. Study finds unusual suspect in lung cancer risk

    Researchers were stunned to find that that women who had undergone hysterectomies, or had otherwise had menopause medically induced were almost twice as likely to develop lung cancer as women who had gone through "the changes" naturally.
  9. Will high cost keep cancer breakthrough from widespread use?

    The high cost will make Iressa a hard sell insurance companies. Which means that more often than not, this next weapon against lung cancer is likely to sit idle in the arsenal until it becomes more affordable.
  10. Oregon health plan covers assisted suicide but not life-extending care

    Oregon health plan covers assisted suicide but not life-extending care.

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