A new study just came out showing that people who snore tend to burn more calories - as many as 2,000 a day. Don't get too excited.

I don't care if snoring melts away pounds, or wrinkles, or years - it's a dangerous condition that you should do everything in your power to correct.

It may seem harmless (to those who don't have to sleep next to a snorer, anyway), but sleep sawing sometimes signifies medical conditions that are far from innocuous - or can lead to them over time. Few people seem to know this, but heavy snoring - especially if related to a disorder called sleep apnea - can cause dangerously low levels of blood oxygen.

It's no secret that the fatter you are, the more likely you are to snore. But these bone- headed researchers - the same ones who said that snorers burn more calories - are blaming snoring for making them fat! They said it's not clear if sleep breathing issues are caused by obesity or if "sleep-disordered breathing may be associated with alterations in energy metabolism that, in turn, lead to weight gain."

This whole thing is starting to make my head spin.

My advise: Forget this research. If you're a snorer (or if you sleep next to one), read my article on 5 ways to kick the snoring habit.