1. Low-carb diet can KILL you? Not so fast

    You’re out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, looking over the menu.

    Should you go with a nice, juicy grass-fed steak? Or a bowl of whole-grain pasta?

    The mainstream media flip-flops between the two more than a politician!

    It can be confusing to say the least.

    And now, another gauntlet’s been thrown down by the pro-carbers.

    Because according to a new study, going low-carb could KILL you!

    Now, if you’ve been reading my eTips for a while now, you know that I recommend the Paleo diet, which practically eliminates all processed carbohydrates.

    So… was I wrong all this time?

    Not a chance.

    This latest research says that cutting carbs can supposedly put you in an early grave from heart disease, stroke, or cancer.

    That certainly SOUNDS scary – but this study is so badly flawed that its authors should have been ASHAMED to present their findings as “facts!”

    Researchers followed more than 447,000 people over roughly 16 years, which is good. You want a study with a good sample size over a long enough period of time.

    But they made some pretty far-reaching conclusions based only on TWO measly questionnaires!

    And because the participants filled the questionnaires out six years apart during the entire course of the study, we don’t really have 16 years’ worth of data.

    And it gets worse.

    Rather than observing participants’ eating habits, the researchers merely asked them to report what they ate every day over the previous year.

    Who can remember what they ate on the last Wednesday in March this year?

    It doesn’t end there. The people eating low-carb in the study had the highest number of smokers in the group.

    What does smoking increase your risk of? That’s right, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. But did they take that into account? Not at all.

    Then, it gets really crazy. Because researchers also excluded anyone who died from diabetes -- a disease that a high-carb diet can CAUSE! -- during the study.

    This study is a joke. But what’s not funny is how many folks will take it seriously and start loading up on pasta, cereal, and bread.

    The best diet is still a low-carb diet, like the Paleo approach to eating.

    It’s so simple to follow: Just focus on food as nature made it, and eat as our caveman ancestors would have.

    To live a long, healthy life, enjoy all of the fresh meats, fish, dairy, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds you want.

  2. Heart Disease study finds it's time to chew the fat

    Anti-fat frauds eat humble pie

    Vincent Van Gogh and I must be kindred spirits, because I was never shocked by the story that he cut off his ear -- I was surprised he left the other one alone.

    He only sold one painting during his life, and there are only so many times a guy can be put down... or called a crackpot... before he starts to lose his marbles. It's just more proof that we geniuses usually have to die before we're appreciated.

    But, brother, I'm sure glad I stuck around for this.

    It turns out the same self-righteous health Nazis who have been attacking my "Eat Meat Not Sugar" war for decades are now eating a big old slice of humble pie -- and I can't shove it down their throats fast enough.

    A new study out of New Zealand proves once and for all that the greatest threat to your heart isn't your love handles or that T-bone grilling on your barbecue -- it's the processed sugar Big Food is tossing into your Keebler cookies and TV dinners by the shovel-full.

    Researchers from the University of Otago have concluded a massive analysis of 48 years' worth of research... literally every study they could get their hands on... and the evidence is clearer than a Beverly Hills swimming pool.

    Sugar is unleashing mass murder around the world.

    When researchers compiled all the data, they found that your sugar intake is the single greatest predictor of heart disease, regardless of what you weigh. It causes high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and just about any disease you can imagine. It's no wonder folks on the low-fat, high-carb diet are dropping dead in their 50s.

    The verdict is in, and the anti-meat, low-fat health nuts have been proven wrong once and for all. It's time to switch to a high-protein low-carb diet that adds years to your life and gives anti-sugar crusaders like me the one thing my earless pal Vincent never got to experience.


  3. Low-carb diet conquers diabetes, heart disease

    A top research university proves avoiding sugar and loading up on fat can prevent inflammation, a key marker of diabetes and heart disease.
  4. Leading scientist says mainstream's anti-fat message is all wrong

    A leading heart researcher reveals that there isn't a link between dietary fat and heart disease, and that the "evidence" used to make the bogus claim is full of flaws.
  5. Meat haters use hocus pocus to sell Mediterranean Diet

    The anti-meat crowd is trying a clever sleight of hand to sell you the rabbit and bird food they call the Mediterranean diet. But this low-protein fad could leave you hungrier and unhealthier than ever.
  6. McDonald's diet? Don't even try it!

    A science teacher claims to have lost 37 pounds eating nothing but McDonald's. But don't try this one at home.
  7. Depression worsens diabetes

    Depression can worsen diabetes, and a few episodes of even mild depression can triple the risk of functional problems in people with the disease, according to a study.
  8. Extra pounds, extra risk

    There's no such thing as being obese and healthy, as new research confirms the extra pounds will double your risk of heart attack.
  9. Veg-buying diet is a waste of money

    A diet claims just having fruits and vegetables around -- even if you don't eat them -- can help you to lose weight. But I've got a better idea.
  10. Low carb twice a week can lead to weight loss

    A low-carb diet just two days a week can lead to real weight loss and other benefits, according to a new study.

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