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  1. Take my New Year's challenge -- and win

    The easiest way to start your low-carb lifestyle

    Here's my challenge for the New Year: If you're not ready to commit to a low-carb diet, take it out for a test drive, starting this week.

    Try it out for just two days a week and see how you feel. Two days a week -- and that's it.

    No dramatic instant lifestyle changes. No calorie counting. No gimmicks. No expensive protein shakes or, God help you, frozen "diet meals" that taste like they were left over from New Year's Eve in 1978.

    Nope, forget all that -- and just try two days a week of the foods you love anyway: delicious steak, farm-fresh eggs (even the yolk), your favorite cheese and whatever fresh vegetables you like (or none at all if you prefer).

    If that sounds easy, it's because it IS easy -- so easy you can do it no matter how many other diets you've failed on. And the latest research shows that just two days a week of the low-carb lifestyle works BETTER than full-time calorie counting.

    In just two months, women who tried the part-time low-carb approach lost nine pounds -- while women who counted calories seven days a week lost only four pounds, which is a lot like losing nothing at all.

    The part-time low-carbers also saw their insulin levels plunge by 18 percent -- versus a measly 4 percent in the low-calorie group.

    Now, there's a catch here -- there always is -- and it's a pretty big one: I don't care how good those short-term numbers are... because if you're even remotely interested in long-term health, two days a week won't cut it.

    The women in the study began to figure that out on their own: Despite having permission to eat whatever crap they wanted five days a week, most of them ate better EVERY day.

    Now THAT'S how you live, people -- and if you go low-carb for just two days a week at first, you'll feel so good so fast you'll want to turn it into a seven-day lifestyle yourself.

    But let's start with a small step -- start with two days. Take my New Year's challenge today -- and don't forget to drop me a line and let me know how you do.

  2. How carbs wreck your skin

    It's a common refrain from men, women and -- especially -- teens alike as they gaze into the mirror each morning: "Why do I keep getting all these pimples?!?!"

    Really? No clue, huh?

    Let me help you out: Most cases of acne at any age are caused by diet -- especially sugar and the rest of the carbohydrate family, and a leading dermatologist confirms it.

    At a recent meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. Alan R. Shalita urged his fellow skin care specialists to tell their patients to just lay off the carbs for quick and easy acne control.

    But you don't need an expert opinion on this -- the sugar-acne connection has been made so many times it's as clear as the skin you're hoping for. One study in 2004 even found that a low-carb diet slashed acne by 50 percent in just 12 weeks.

    So if you really want to put the squeeze on your zits, you're going to have to learn to live without your favorite junk food.

    For an extra boost, call in the big guns -- and by that, I don't mean toxic drugstore pimple creams or prescription acne meds that can lead to bizarre behavior up to and including suicide.

    Try colored light therapy instead. Dismissed as quackery just a few years ago, colored lights have proven to be so effective at clearing skin that even many mainstream dermatologists now use them.

    Just be sure to pass on the millions of gadgets for sale online. Most of them are just expensive light bulbs, and many even use the wrong color.

    They won't clear anything other than money from your wallet!

    Find a naturopathic physician or skin care specialist who's experienced in color therapy instead -- and get used to seeing a clear new face in the mirror.

  3. Bill Clinton's deadly new outlook

    After a series of heart scares over the years, formerly tubby former president Bill Clinton now says he's pledging allegiance to a strict vegan diet. ... And if he manages to (mostly) stick to his newfound vegan faith, those cheating moments with seafood might be the only things that keep him alive -- because as I've told you before, this isn't a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Kill the carbs, save your kidneys

    Diabetics, there's one thing you can do right now to save your kidneys from the self-destruct sequence kicked off by your disease: cut the carbs. Then, double up on the delicious fresh animal fats you've been told to avoid.
  5. Low-carb diets great for cholesterol

    A new study finds that the best way to raise your cholesterol to healthy levels -- and lower your deadly triglycerides -- is through delicious fatty foods.
  6. Low-carb living tops nasty weight-loss pill

    Fads, gimmicks, drugs...I've seen all the screwy diet trends come and go. But there's one lifestyle that beats all of them every single time. Of course I'm talking about low-carb living. And I've got the research to prove it.
  7. Are you dumb for eating a low-carb diet?

    A new study claims that diets low in carbohydrates could have a negative effect on your thinking.
  8. Cancer-causing carbohydrates

    So far, not a lot of research has been done to specifically pinpoint what a high-carbohydrate diet's effects are on developing the most feared of all diseases: Cancer.
  9. Low-Fat Diets, High in Vegetables and Fruits Don't Help Your Healthy Bottom Line

    Nevertheless, if you know where to look, you can find proof to validate what I've already told you is true when it comes to nutrition - namely, that a low-fat diet high in vegetables and fruits doesn't help your healthy bottom line.
  10. Americans 60 and Over Deal with Depression

    However, the truth is, Americans over 60 are probably far more likely to be prescribed another class of mind-regulating drugs called atypical antipsychotics than they are antidepressants. Why?

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