1. This prickly plant REGENERATES a beaten-down liver

    Our livers are increasingly under assault.

    According to a new study, deaths from liver disease and liver cancer have SKYROCKETED in recent years.

    The worst part is that liver disease doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Mother Nature has given us everything we need to RESCUE and REPAIR a liver that’s taken a beating.

    But first – more on this latest study.

    Researchers in Michigan found that from 1999 to 2016, deaths from liver cirrhosis -- which is scarring of the liver -- rose by a jaw-dropping 65 percent overall, with men dying at TWICE the rate of women.

    Among younger folks – those most likely to tipple too much -- cirrhosis deaths increased 11 percent (ages 25 to 34). That’s no surprise.

    But for those over 55, the main reason for the increase in cirrhosis deaths wasn't inside the bottle.

    It was on the dessert tray.

    You see, shoveling in sugar can coat your liver in a layer of unwanted fat, a condition known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

    And the study found that the spike in cirrhosis deaths among older folks was largely due to a rise in NAFLD... driven by the obesity epidemic.

    Now, as I've shared with you before, liver scarring from ANY cause can set the stage for liver cancer.

    So, it comes as no shock that the liver cancer death rate DOUBLED during the study period -- and once again, guys were at greater risk.

    There were FOUR TIMES as many deaths from liver cancer among men as women.

    Now, OF COURSE go easy on the booze and reduce common meds that can sack your liver, such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) and heartburn drugs.

    Switching to the Paleo diet can help keep your weight in check AND torch liver fat -- because the "caveman" diet eliminates the sugars and starches that deposit fat around this delicate organ.

    That will help you protect your liver from disease, including cancer. And if you’ve already got liver disease, it’ll slow the progression or stop it from getting worse altogether.

    But as I mentioned, there’s a way to REVERSE the damage that’s been done to your liver – and it comes from an unlikely source.

    You see, your liver has an incredible ability to REGENERATE damaged tissue. That’s right – it can heal itself!

    It just needs a little nudge.

    And that nudge comes in the form of a prickly plant called milk thistle. In a 2016 study on mice, milk thistle SHRANK fat deposits on the liver, ERADICATED inflammation, and ARMORED the critters against future damage.

    And it worked even though the mouse diets didn’t change.

    To shield your liver with the power of TITANIUM, take milk thistle supplements and tighten the security around what you put in your mouth.

  2. This forgotten spice protects your liver

    When you think of nutmeg, I'm sure the first -- and only -- thing that comes to mind is the holiday season.

    You whip it out at Thanksgiving and Christmas to spice up your pumpkin pie, hot cider, and eggnog... and push it to the back of the spice rack the rest of the year.

    But nutmeg can do so much more than just warm up those holiday favorites.

    It comes from the seed of a tree native to Indonesia -- and it's been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat gastrointestinal problems, rheumatic pain, and more for hundreds of years.

    Modern science has proven that it can fight high cholesterol, high blood sugar, infections , and even certain cancers .

    And now, a new study shows that nutmeg can protect a critical organ in your body from damage -- your liver!

    As you may know, this workhorse organ is responsible for filtering toxins -- everything from alcohol to chemicals – out of your blood.

    And when it gets overloaded with nasty stuff, you can wind up with liver "toxicity" that causes permanent damage.

    In the study, Chinese researchers induced liver toxicity in mice, fed them nutmeg extract, and found that the nutmeg protected the mice's livers from damage in a number of ways.

    The spice decreased oxidative stress... reduced inflammation... and boosted levels of compounds that are known to have a strong protective effect against liver damage.

    Not too shabby!

    Now, if you go easy on booze, you might think that you don’t need to protect your liver from injury.

    But keep in mind that common medications like Tylenol (acetaminophen), Advil (and other NSAIDs), heartburn meds, antibiotics, and statins can all sock you in the liver.

    And so can fatty deposits from high-sugar diets.

    So, to keep your liver in tip-top shape, don't wait for autumn. Break out the nutmeg all year long!

    Of course, that doesn't mean that you should indulge in pumpkin pie and other holiday desserts year-round -- because the grains and sugars in these treats won't do your liver any favors.

    Instead, try adding nutmeg to savory dishes like curries, meat marinades, and sautéed leafy greens.

    You can even sprinkle it into fruit smoothies for a spicy, nutty kick.

    Just go easy on it, because there is such a thing as too much nutmeg: In high amounts, it can cause nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and a slowdown of normal brain function .

    Using a teaspoon or so in a recipe, however, is perfectly safe.

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  6. Zinc protects against liver disease

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  8. Coffee helps protect your liver

    A new study out of the United Kingdom shows that two cups of coffee can undo the damage to your liver from consuming excessive alcohol.
  9. Belly fat linked to brain damage

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  10. The brain nutrient you're not getting

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