1. Statins users are eating themselves sick

    Eat, drink and be buried

    He's on his third plate of deep-fried tater tots, and he's wearing more ketchup than he's eating. His extra-large belly is sagging out of his medium-sized T-shirt like a Hefty bag full of Jell-O.

    But he's not your garden variety slob -- he's just a fella trying to lower his cholesterol. And if you don't believe him, check his medicine cabinet.

    A new UCLA study proves that millions of folks are treating their prescriptions for dangerous cholesterol-lowering statins like a free pass to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Researchers followed the eating habits of statin users for a decade and found these pill poppers are eating just about anything the Burger King or his legions of fast-food princes throw their way. Over the past 10 years, folks on statins have increased their caloric intake by HUNDREDS of calories a day.

    And it's all because they're mistaking those tiny pills for a bullet-proof vest.

    You see, most folks taking statins waddle into their doctors' offices fat, out of shape, and sicker than a flea-ridden dog. And they're not looking to change their lifestyles -- they want a quick fix. They want a license to eat whatever they want without EVER worrying about their cholesterol or heart disease again.

    And Big Pharma has been using statins to make that promise for years -- even if that promise is a load of bull.

    The moment you swallow that first statin pill, you may never be healthy again. Statins have been linked to everything from brain disease to cancer, and a University of Missouri found they actually may BLOCK the benefits of exercise.

    So if you're taking Crestor or Lipitor as part of a plan to get yourself in shape, you'd probably have a better chance playing the lottery.

    Friend, wake up -- statins are mainstream "symptom control" treatment at its very ugliest. If you're tipping the scales at 300 pounds, do you really think statins are the answer you've been waiting for? High cholesterol isn't your problem. It's a SYMPTOM of your overeating problem -- and that problem is going to kill you.

    Shockingly, according to this latest UCLA study, doctors may not even be counseling patients on weight loss strategies before handing over a bottle of these risky pills.

    If your cholesterol numbers are climbing like the national debt -- and you'd prefer to see them plummet like Obama's approval rating -- stop looking inside a pill bottle and start looking in your refrigerator. Load up on healthy proteins, and cut out the carbs and added sugar for good.

    In fact, start skipping the middle aisles of the supermarket completely -- just stick with meats, fruits and vegetables. Odds are, the next time your doc sees you, he'll get the message that you're treating the cause of your unhealthy lifestyle -- and not just the symptoms.

  2. Statins again linked to diabetes

    Common cholesterol meds cause diabetes

    If the idea of muscle, joint, and tendon pain isn't enough to keep you off statins, maybe this will: These drugs could actually give you diabetes.

    The risk is so real the FDA has even issued a warning over it -- and as a result, docs don't prescribe them anymore.

    Just kidding!

    Statins are as popular as ever, with docs passing them around like firecrackers at a 4th of July party. Most of them won't even talk about that diabetes risk -- and if they do, it's to dismiss the risk as small.

    But new research confirms the risk isn't that small after all. In fact, the biggest risk of all just so happens to belong to the most popular drug of all, Lipitor.

    The study of nearly half a million Canadians finds that Lipitor -- now even more widely available as a cheap generic -- may increase your risk of diabetes by 22 percent.

    Next in line is Crestor, which may cause your risk to shoot up by 18 percent. And bringing up the rear is Zocor, which could boost those same odds by 10 percent.

    Other studies have also found risks, and experts have calculated that up to 100,000 Americans currently taking statins could get diabetes BECAUSE OF THEM.

    Does that sound like a heart-healthy drug to you? Of course it doesn't, and I've got more news for you: Along with potentially increasing the risk of diabetes... along with increasing the risk of muscle, joint, and tendon problems... stains are also linked to an increased the risk of memory loss, serious liver and kidney problems, sexual dysfunction, and more.

    But you don't have to face those risks, because you don't need the drugs. Heck, you don't even need to lower your cholesterol levels -- because it's almost certainly not too high in the first place.

    It's TOO LOW!

    I know that sounds crazy here in the Lipitor Age -- but it's TRUE, and I have the science to back me up. Read this, and you'll never feel guilty about eating steak again.

    Talk to your doctor today about an exit strategy for getting off the statins once and for all.

  3. New warning over cholesterol meds

    Common cholesterol meds can raise your risk of acute kidney injury by more than a third, according to a new warning.
  4. Generic Lipitor loaded with glass

    A generic version of Lipitor used by millions may be contaminated with tiny bits of glass -- but the FDA says keep taking it anyway.
  5. Beware of this 'up-and-coming' drug

    Move over statins -- you're yesterday's news. With the patents on all but one of the top-selling cholesterol meds now expired, Big Pharma is on the prowl for a new trophy wife.
  6. Aisle 6 for Lipitor

    Pfizer is about to lose its patent on Lipitor... and the company couldn't be happier...They think they can convince the FDA to approve this cholesterol med for over-the-counter sales direct to consumers.
  7. Lipitor stinks!

    Pfizer is recalling nearly 200,000 bottles of its cholesterol med Lipitor, but not because of its terrible muscle-robbing side effects... but because of an "uncharacteristic" odor.
  8. Heart-stopper: Pfizer reports decline in Lipitor sales

    The spin doctors of these useless pills have been working overtime to convince the easily swayed American public that statins can cure everything from cancer to halitosis.
  9. Sodium sanctions and a statin island inquest

    It shouldn't surprise you that one of my favorite of all nutrients for optimum health is at the top of the mainstream's "most wanted" list. Long-time readers of mine already know what I'm talking about: sodium.
  10. Righting a Cholesstewrong

    The AP piece cites the fact that 82 people died in test groups taking torcetrapib AND Lipitor, while only 51 perished in groups taking Lipitor alone.

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