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  1. Chinese junk is killing our dogs

    China has been sending us low-quality junk for decades now, from dangerous toys to poisonous foods -- up to and including tainted pet chow.

    You think we'd have learned our lesson by now. Nope!

    Our pets are paying the price AGAIN as a new wave of tainted treats has made its way over here. This time, at least 500 dogs have been sickened by chicken jerky "treats" contaminated with melamine.

    If that name rings a bell, that's because it's the same poison found in pet food imported from China back in 2007, when thousands of pets were sickened or killed.

    In this case, no dogs have died -- yet -- but they've been suffering everything from kidney failure to serious blood sugar problems as a result of the murky jerky.

    Expect the usual investigations, prosecutions and -- China being China -- executions.

    And in a few years, expect to read the same headlines all over again.

    But let's not kid ourselves here, because the problem isn't just Chinese-made pet food. You could give your dog 100-percent made in the USA dog treats and still be feeding it 100 percent garbage.

    Skip anything you can find in the pet store and give your dog the one treat he'd pick if he could pick on his own. Give him a raw meaty bone, ideally with some of the meat still hanging off it.

    But don't stop there. Ditch the kibble and the rest of the bits and treat Fido to a complete diet makeover: raw chicken necks and livers along with raw eggs, shell and all.

    For more on the foods your best friend is really begging you for, sink your paws into the Douglass Report archives and read the July 2007 issue.

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  2. Can vitamin D really hurt you?

    Sorting fact from fiction on vitamin D

    The clock is running out on 2011, but it looks like there's still time to squeeze in one last phony vitamin panic.

    In this one, researchers claim high levels of vitamin D will boost your risk of serious heart problems -- despite what their own study REALLY found: that LOW levels of the sunshine vitamin will up your odds of heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and diabetes.

    Of course, they didn't want to talk about any of that.

    Instead, the presentation at a recent American Heart Association meeting focused on the most freakish conclusion of the entire study: Patients with the highest blood levels of vitamin D -- 100 ng/ml or higher -- had a bump in the risk of atrial fibrillation.

    Why is it freakish? Because I've been called an extremist for recommending blood levels of HALF that -- 50 ng/ml -- and even people who live in the tropics and get constant sun exposure all day long generally hover at around 60 ng/ml.

    In other words, these just aren't optimal or even realistic levels of vitamin D3 -- and I'd bet that very few of the 132,000 participants in the new study actually fell into this category.

    We don't know for sure, because the researchers didn't actually break it down for us.

    We also don't know how many patients fell into the next-highest category, between 80 and 100 ng/ml, but I'd bet this was the next-smallest group -- yet these patients actually had the LOWEST A-fib risk of anyone in the study.

    That means we're supposed to believe that 100 ng/ml will prevent the condition -- but 101 ng/ml will cause it.


    Ignore the panic and take your vitamin D3. Not only are "high" levels safe, but studies have repeatedly found that the sunshine vitamin will boost everything from your cardiovascular health to your immune system.

    Winter is here, the sun is low -- and you need your D now more than ever.

  3. Missed opportunity

    Osteoporosis meds have been linked to kidney failure, crippling pain, death, and even -- ironically -- shattered bones. So what's an FDA "expert panel" doing to protect the 5 million women who take bisphosphonate meds such as Fosamax, Actonel, Reclast, and Boniva every year?
  4. Colon cleansing risks

    Now, a new review of 20 studies finds what I've said all along: Colon cleansing isn't just ridiculous -- it's unnecessary, dangerous, and quite possibly deadly.

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