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  1. Nanny State blames cheap food for fat Americans

    Death by cheap chimichanga?

    You have to hand it to these nanny state hippies. With all their talk about peace, love and government intervention... with them insisting on throwing around your tax dollars to show "compassion" for your downtrodden fellow man... you'd think you were dealing with Gandhi himself.

    Well, they may share Gandhi's penchant for sandals -- but that's where the similarities end. Because if you think these leftist, elitist snobs care about you for a second... that they even RESPECT you as an adult... let me clue you into something.

    They think you're a moron, plain and simple. They believe we're all a bunch of brainless boobs who can't wipe our own noses unless Uncle Sam provides the handkerchief.

    And if you need proof, check out this latest research that claims to have finally gotten to the bottom of the obesity epidemic in America. Turns out the culprit wasn't folks who refuse to take responsibility for their own health -- or doting parents who can't tell their junk food obsessed kids no.

    The real villain was the McDonald's Dollar Menu. Looks like the Hamburglar is finally headed back to the slammer.

    Researchers from the RAND Corporation are suggesting -- with a straight face -- that Americans are getting tubby because food is too cheap. We're spending less than half as much disposable income on food as we were spending 80 years ago -- and portions are getting bigger.

    You can already hear the quasi-socialists getting ready to use this study to force more junk food bans and taxes across America, right? Because they think you lack the brainpower (and the willpower) to say no to a second trip to the buffet line.

    But here's the truth. Fruits and vegetables have also gotten cheap over the past 80 years, but today's lazy parents would rather pop a TV dinner in a microwave than grill some chicken or whip up a salad.

    The obesity epidemic in America isn't about cheap food -- it's about cheap values. And fixing it requires us all to learn the one thing our government has no business teaching anyone.


  2. Unqualified Obama appoints herself School Lunch Czar

    Queen Obama peeking inside your kid's lunch pail

    If the press fawned over Marie Antoinette the way they do Michelle Obama, it's no wonder the French got sick of her. You can't open a newspaper these days without some brain-dead reporter gushing about the First Fashionista's toned arms, low-cut dresses, and thousand-dollar shoes.

    Get me a barf bag! How about we ask Miss Michelle a REAL question for once... a question that every man, woman and child in America deserves an answer to.


    In a move that made me spit my Jack Daniels all over my shoes, Her Royal Highness recently continued her assault on America's school lunch program by proposing a new set of rules that would ban the advertising of certain foods.

    That's not a typo. A woman who has never been elected to anything... not city council, not town treasurer, heck, not even dog catcher... has taken it upon herself to revamp a $10 billion program that affects 29 million kids.

    And she's not about to let the fact that she's grossly unqualified get in her way.

    Michelle Obama has declared herself a nutrition expert in much the same way Napoleon declared himself emperor. By all accounts she was a mediocre student in college taking sociology and African American Studies courses -- in fact, I can't find a shred of evidence she took a SINGLE SCIENCE OR NUTRITION COURSE after high school!

    But as her fawning admirers are quick to point out, she enjoys tending to her White House vegetable garden.

    Here's a fact. American medical schools graduate about 17,000 doctors a year. Back that up 30 years, and there are at least HALF A MILLION Americans more qualified to talk about nutrition and health than Michelle Obama.

    Now don't get me wrong -- America's school lunches are so disgusting even Oliver Twist wouldn't ask for a second helping. Kids today have it rough enough without having to choke down burned spaghetti and half a pound of tater tots.

    But in a country with laws, some unelected diva doesn't get to play God with billions of your dollars. And in the world of common sense, we don't let the whims of a self-appointed royal determine what we feed our kids.

    America's school lunch program is less than 70 years old, and our kids weren't exactly dropping dead of starvation in the classroom before it. That's because moms and dads didn't rely on the government to feed their kids -- they sent their tykes off to school with lunch pails stuffed with chicken, cheese, fruit and other healthy foods.

    And if you still have a little one in school, I'd advise you do likewise. Because if you don't take charge of your kid's nutrition, I know an under-educated, unelected egomaniac who's just begging for the job.

  3. Fast food nation

    More than 10 percent of our calories come from fast food -- and for some people, nearly 20 percent of their calories come from junk.
  4. Extra pounds, extra hospital visits

    Being obese won't just increase your risk of disease -- it will also cause you to spend more time in a hospital, according to a new study.
  5. Junky new diet for factory farm animals

    Corn and soy are getting too expensive for farm animals -- so now, cows and pigs are being given truckloads of expired junk food instead.
  6. Why junk food makes you hungry

    When you see your favorite unhealthy foods, you want to eat them -- and the inability to control that urge is the root of obesity today.
  7. Foods that will leave you depressed

    A new study confirms that a life of junk will leave you battling the blues. Spanish researchers tracked nearly 9,000 people without depression at the start of the study. Six months later, however, 493 were diagnosed with the condition -- and many of them were even taking meds for it.
  8. Cake for breakfast? Not on your life!

    I've told you about some daffy diets over the years. The candy diet, cookie diet, potato diet, Twinkie diet, oat diet. Now, you can add one more to the list.
  9. The next great 'sin tax' is coming

    Love sugar? Better stock up while you still can -- because the next great Nanny State attempt at social engineering will be taxing the sweet stuff right out of your cupboard.
  10. Junk food kills sperm

    You don't need a doctor to perform a vasectomy anymore -- Little Debbie can do the job for you, and she doesn't even have a medical degree.

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