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  1. Beer slashes rheumatoid arthritis risk 31%

    Soak up some suds to beat arthritis pain

    Bring me to any bar in America, and it'll take me two seconds to spot the gal for me.

    I'll give you a hint -- she's not sipping some fruity umbrella drink and batting eyes at the bartender. She's sitting in the corner, with her lips wrapped around a Budweiser bottle, watching the big game.

    Because this lovely lady has two things going for her right off the bat. She can tell you how many homeruns Mickey Mantle hit, and she can keep up with my active lifestyle.

    In fact, a new Harvard study proves that if you gals want to stay loose, limber, and pain-free as you age, a can of Coors may be just what the doctor ordered.

    Researchers tracked nearly a quarter-million women and found that just by drinking up to four delicious servings of beer a week, you may be able to slash your rheumatoid arthritis risk by an impressive 31%!

    That's one-third less risk of your joints creaking and groaning like a rusted lawn chair -- and one-third less risk of limping through each day like a race horse headed for the glue factory. And it's all because beer is loaded with natural ingredients like amino acids, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols that help control inflammation, improve heart health and relieve pain.

    So if you want to silence those painful, burning joints for good, stop popping pills and start popping a top. Because when I catch your eye at the local watering hole and throw a quarter in the juke box, I want to know you'll be ready to boogie.

  2. Worthless measles vaccine triggers outbreak

    Measles vaccine failure puts mainstream medicine on the spot

    It's your patriotic duty. It's your solemn responsibility to your fellow citizens and to future generations of Americans.

    No, I'm not talking about joining the military. And I'm sure not talking about feeding Uncle Sam's bloated budget with your hard-earned tax dollars.

    I'm talking about getting your vaccines! Because the second you refuse that painful needle with its toxic chemical cocktail... the moment you exercise your RIGHT as an American to control what you put into your body... according to those that tow the mainstream medicine line you become the love child of Benedict Arnold and Ethel Rosenberg.

    Well, friend, you're not the traitor -- but there's a good chance you know the guy. He's the fella you paid $50 to jab you in the arm with a worthless vaccine that may not do ANYTHING to keep you safe from today's most damaging and deadly diseases.

    A researcher from the New York City Department of Health has thrown a whipped-cream pie in the face of every health Nazi vaccine cheerleader in America. Her bombshell new report has proven once and for all that the measles vaccine is more worthless than a paper umbrella!

    The study, just published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, sought to finally explain the measles outbreak that sickened hundreds in New York City in 2011.

    No, it wasn't the Russians... and Al-Qaeda didn't detonate some measles dirty bomb. It appears the culprits were very likely honest citizens who had lined up like sheep for the measles vaccine and believed they were now immune to the disease.

    Researchers investigated the shocking case of a woman who had been vaccinated not once, but TWICE with the MMR vaccine, who still developed measles. But wait, it gets worse.
    That woman then went on to infect at least four other people who ALSO had been vaccinated!

    And -- well -- you don't have to be a scientist to see where this is going. If vaccinated individuals are able to catch and transmit the disease to other vaccinated people it's easy to see how measles could be spread all over the Big Apple!

    But while the vaccine might not be doing a darned thing to prevent measles there's a good chance it left a lot of folks with fevers, joint pain, seizures and a long list of other known side effects.

    The mainstream media talks about the measles vaccine like it's as American as apple pie. But the truth is, nearly 20% of kids who get the vaccine experience side effects -- and adults don't fare much better. In fact, it's left thousands of women with agonizing arthritis!

    The next time some mainstream medicine moron asks you to roll up your sleeve, tell him to button up his mouth. Because it's high time America's obsession with unproven vaccines gets the shameful end it deserves.

    And for that to happen, more folks like you need to realize that the advice from the pro-vaccine crowd is worth exactly as much as the measles vaccine itself.


  3. Deadly radiation being used to diagnose gout

    Researchers are advocating using 150 times more radiation than an X-ray to detect a joint condition that is already easily diagnosed.
  4. Government's war on tobacco goes one step further

    The feds are finally admitting that they want to wipe out every last tobacco product from sea to shining sea. But here's something they won't tell you -- a daily dose of tobacco can ward off Alzheimer's and keep your joints limber and pain-free!
  5. Smoke to save your joints

    I always get a kick out of Big Media's tobacco coverage -- they just hate reporting on good news for smokers. Take the latest story on how tobacco can actually protect your joints and lower your risk of a total joint replacement surgery in your senior years.

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